March 26, 2020
Amanda Bynes Reportedly Pregnant, Conservatorship Could Impact Custody Of Her Baby

Amanda Bynes recently revealed that she is pregnant and now Us Weekly reports that her conservatorship may impact the custody of her baby.

The former Nickelodeon star took to her Instagram account last week to share an ultrasound photo. With it, she wrote "Baby on Board." Her finace, Paul Michael, also shared a photo on his account, writing "baby in the making." However, both posts were deleted almost immediately. Neither has spoken out since and Amanda is reportedly seeking mental health treatment.

Us Weekly spoke to Neama Rahmani, who is the president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, who explained how the situation could potentially play out for the actress.

"Amanda, her parents, and her fiancé, Paul Michael, will all share physical custody, but only her parents and Paul will be able to make legal decisions for the baby because Amanda is under conservatorship," she explained.

Rahmani noted that this would be a "best case scenario" for Amanda. She also outlined what else could possibly happen under a "worse case scenario."

"The worst case is that county social workers get involved and try to remove the baby because they think Amanda is not a fit parent," she stated.

Amanda has been under conservatorship since 2014. She recently went to court to speak about some of the terms of her conservatorship. Following the hearing, she reportedly was to check in to a facility voluntarily. Last week, her lawyer released a statement and asked for the actress's privacy so that she could focus on "getting better."

Rahmani has also spoken out about Amanda's conservatorship in the past, noting that although she was reportedly engaged, her mother would have the final call on whether or not the She's the Man star could walk down the aisle.

"If Amanda's parents did not consent to the marriage, they can petition the court to annul the marriage on the basis of Amanda's 'unsound mind,'"Rahmani explained.

Although Amanda has not spoken out again about the alleged pregnancy, her lawyer David Esquibias spoke to TMZ last week. He said that he would "not confirm" the supposed pregnancy.

"Because of that it's premature for anyone to speculate about who would have custody of Amanda's unborn child," he said.

Amanda Bynes announced her engagement on Valentine's Day. She teased fans with a photo of her engagement ring but didn't divulge any details of the relationship. A few days later, she introduced her followers to Paul Michael and though the two reportedly briefly broke up, Paul claims that their social media accounts were hacked.