Meghan King Edmonds Confirms She Is Caring For The Kids She Shares With Ex Jim Amid The Coronavirus Spread

Meghan King Edmonds' kids are staying with her in Los Angeles as Jim remains in St. Louis.

Meghan King Edmonds attends Children's Hospital Los Angeles Make March Matter Fundraising Campaign.
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Meghan King Edmonds' kids are staying with her in Los Angeles as Jim remains in St. Louis.

Meghan King Edmonds opened up on her Instagram stories on Tuesday about her custody arrangement amid the ongoing spreading of the coronavirus.

After sharing plenty of photos and videos of herself and her three kids, including 3-year-old daughter Aspen and 1-year-old twin sons Hayes and Hart, the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member hosted a Q&A session with her fans and followers, during which she was asked about her custody arrangement and living situation.

“How are you handling shared custody during this craziness?” one fan asked.

“At the advice of our pediatrician, we have decided that our kids are going to stay where they were when this whole ‘safer at home’ started and it was with me, so they are going to stay with me until this passes,” Meghan replied.

Then, after showing off the way in which her roots have been growing out in the weeks since she and her family began facing restrictions regarding where they can and can’t go, Meghan responded to an Instagram user who wanted to know if she still owned a home in St. Louis, where she used to live with her now-estranged husband, Jim Edmonds.

“Yes, I still have a house in St. Louis,” Meghan confirmed.

Since Meghan and Jim split last year, the couple has been sharing their time with their three kids and flying them back and forth from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

Meghan and Jim moved to St. Louis two years ago to focus on expanding their family and after doing so, they began to build their dream home. Unfortunately, as the home was being designed and built, which Meghan was chronicling on her social media pages, the couple was met with a highly-publicized cheating scandal after Jim was exposed for sending inappropriate text messages to another woman.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Meghan and Jim attempted to keep their marriage intact after his text messaging affair last summer but ultimately, in October 2019, Jim filed for divorce.

During the February 20 episode of Heather Dubrow’s World, Meghan opened up about her and Jim’s breakup, saying that the two of them had been “straddling a line” between staying together and parting ways for a few months. Then, after admitting that the ups and downs of her relationship with Jim made it easier for her to move on, Meghan said that after Jim’s divorce filing, she knew the only way to move on was to look forward.