WWE News: Sheamus Reveals How Rusev Really Felt About Lana And Bobby Lashley Affair Storyline

Rusev screams after being locked in a submission hold

One of WWE‘s more divisive storylines in recent memory saw Lana leave Rusev for Bobby Lashley. Given that Lana and Rusev are married in real life, many fans felt that the storyline must have been frustrating for “The Bulgarian Brute,” as it required his wife to engage in romantic physical contact with Lashley. However, according to Rusev’s friend and colleague, Sheamus, in a recent interview with Sportskeeda, the former United States Champion had fun with the angle.

“He lost a couple of times to Lashley but he was on fire. The ‘Rusev Day’ thing was back and running, and they could have done a lot. A lot more could have happened. I don’t know what the deal is, he’s on Raw but he was on fire, man, the people were loving him … You could tell he was having fun, coming in and kicking Lashley and making Lana’s life miserable. He was having a great time! I just don’t know what happened with that story, you know?”

Sheamus believes that WWE dropped the ball on the storyline and that Rusev could have enjoyed a huge babyface run afterward. However, “The Bulgarian Brute” was subsequently taken off of television due to a contract dispute and, at the time of this writing, his future with the company is uncertain.

Sheamus’ revelation also supports the claims Rusev made months ago, where he revealed that the storyline was the hottest thing on WWE television. He said that they were being professionals and assured fans that it hadn’t caused any issues at home for him and Lana. According to the Monday Night Raw superstar, the pair approached the angle like they would any other acting gig.

During the interview, Sheamus also confirmed that Rusev is one of his best friends in the business along with Drew McIntyre and Cesaro. “The Celtic Warrior” said that he just wants to see Rusev do well in the company and revealed that he was happy when “The Bulgarian Brute” returned to WWE television.

Sheamus also made a return to WWE television recently following a lengthy absence from the action. The former WWE Champion currently competes on the Friday Night SmackDown brand and has stated that he wants to win the Intercontinental title in the near future.

Rusev, on the other hand, could be on the way out of the company. There have been rumors that he’ll move to AEW, but since Lana signed a new five-year deal last year, he may decide to commit his future to WWE.