Kaley Cuoco Announces That She Has Adopted A Senior Dog With Husband Karl Cook

Treva Bowdoin

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook's already massive furry family just got even bigger. On Tuesday, the actress announced that she and her husband have adopted a senior rescue dog.

The 34-year-old star of The Big Bang Theory shared the big news in a series of videos that she uploaded to her Instagram stories. For the last few days, Kaley has been using this social media format to keep her fans updated on her ongoing efforts to get a dog -- which she has named Muffin -- released from an animal shelter. Kaley revealed that the shelter keeps refusing to release the dog, and she's been sharing her frustrations about this. However, after her latest update on the battle over Muffin's fate, she informed her followers that she also had some happy news to share.

Kaley, who was clad in a fluffy pink robe, couldn't help but smile as she addressed the camera.

"But in all the craziness today, Karl and I adopted a senior, and it was so meant to be," she said. "I could cry thinking about it. It made all the Muffin drama worth it and made me want to fight even harder."

Kaley said that the dog "came out of nowhere" and that A Purposeful Rescue in Los Angeles had picked up the pooch for her. She is currently in New York filming her HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, so she was unable to do so herself.

The actress didn't say what breed the dog is. However, in the caption accompanying one of her videos, she revealed that the rescue dog is a male named Barney.

Kaley said that Barney was going to be taken to Karl's ranch sometime on Wednesday, and she remarked that she was "seething with jealousy" that her husband would be there to greet him while she would not.

"This was no-brainer, and I already feel like this dog has changed my life before he's even met me. He doesn't even know it."

Barney will also have to adjust to living around the numerous other animals that Kaley and Karl care for, including the couple's show horses, chickens, rabbits, and mini dwarf horses. Many of these lucky critters are also rescues.