‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Discusses Reza Farahan’s Marriage Drama With Adam Neely

John TsiavisBravo

Mercedes “MJ” Javid opened up about her feud with her former bestie of 30 years, Reza Farahan, during an interview with Page Six on February 17.

According to the report, Javid said that while she did feel that viewers of Shahs of Sunset Season 8 should feel bad for what Farahan went through during the first episodes of the new season, she doesn’t have any sympathy for Farahan when it comes to their own personal issues.

“The first episode, fans should 100 percent sympathize for Reza because of what we see in episode one. Beyond that, I could see some more sympathy for Reza. Once Reza starts to involve me, I don’t have any sympathy for him whatsoever,” Farahan explained to the outlet on Monday.

As fans have seen during the early episodes of Shahs of Sunset Season 8, Farahan faced drama with his husband, Adam Neely, after learning from a man named Ali that Neely had allegedly been sending him inappropriate text messages. Then, after confronting Neely about the issue and getting more information from Ali and his co-stars, Farahan began to believe that it was actually Javid who prompted Ali to accuse Neely of sexually harassing him.

During the latest episode of the show on Sunday night, Farahan was seen calling Javid, who was in the hospital giving birth to her first child, Shams Francis, and asking her about her potential role in the drama. However, because Javid was busy being treated by doctors after a life-saving surgery, she was unable to deal with Farahan’s drama.

As Page Six pointed out to readers, an insider previously said Farahan never visited or reached out to Javid during the time she was in the hospital. Meanwhile, Farahan has claimed that he attempted to visit with Javid but was turned down.

“Do you feel like the baby’s missing out by not having Reza there?” an interviewer asked as Javid’s chat continued.

“Reza’s missing out, not the baby… and I think that the biggest apology that Reza should give should be to Tommy,” Javid replied.

Last year, as Javid and Farahan’s feud played out online, Javid’s husband, Tommy Feight, allegedly vandalized the home Farahan shares with his husband and ultimately, a short time later, Farahan obtained a restraining order against him.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Javid opened up about her thoughts on a reconciliation with Farahan during Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, revealing that she has no interest in mending their relationship.