Oprah Winfrey Talks To Jenna Bush Hager About The State Of The Country, The Presidential Race, And Wellness

Rachel LunaGetty Images

Oprah Winfrey is about to kick off her wellness tour, and she has some advice for Americans who are concerned about the state of their country.

On Friday, the beloved television icon talked to Today Show host Jenna Bush Hager about her “2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour.” Oprah partnered with WW — formerly Weight Watchers — for the highly anticipated event. She’ll be traveling across the country and making motivational speeches in hopes of helping her fellow Americans improve their health and wellness in 2020.

During each of her nine stops, she’ll be joined by a celebrity guest. Her tour begins on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she’ll be accompanied by Lady Gaga. Ahead of the big event, Oprah dished out some wellness advice for those who are anxious about the current political climate in the United States.

“We’re in this really divided country. People are waking up with anxiety,” Jenna said during her interview with Oprah. “What do you say to people who are worried about the state of where we are?”

In response, Oprah first admitted that she’s also concerned about the state of affairs in America.

“Well, I’m also worried about the state of where we are,” Oprah said. “How can you live in this world and not be?”

Her advice to others who feel the same way was to first focus on their own well-being.

“You can only heal the world once you are healed yourself,” Oprah said.

Oprah shared one thing that she does herself to improve her state of being. She said that she’s found that it’s helpful to have a little “quiet time” in the morning. Oprah elaborated on what this means by saying that she wasn’t talking about a full-blown meditation session.

“It really just means stilling yourself ⁠— getting still enough that you, yourself, from the center, know your intentions for the day,” Oprah explained.

Oprah shared her hope that she’ll inspire people to start “living with intention and purpose” in 2020 as she tours the country. Another quick self-improvement tip she offered was to take the time to think about what you really want in life so that you can begin working toward it. She also recommended keeping a gratitude journal, and she spoke about the importance of being grateful for little things like “having some moments for yourself.”

Jenna briefly chatted with Oprah about the presidential race. Oprah disappointed many fans in 2018 when she revealed that she had no plans to run for president herself. However, she’s still open to getting involved in the election. She hinted that she might endorse or campaign for the right candidate, but she didn’t reveal who she’d like to see running the country.

“I’m waiting to see who presents themselves as a frontrunner, and whether or not I will then join forces with whomever that is,” Oprah said.

For now, Oprah plans on simply focusing on her wellness tour and inspiring her fans to “be the best that they can be” so that they can bring “goodness to the world.”