Kaley Cuoco Explains Why She Didn't Go On Vacation With Her Husband And Johnny Galecki Responds To Her Video

Kaley Cuoco talked about how she and her husband are spending their holiday breaks during the latest episode of her Instagram series, A Cup of Cuoco. She received some feedback from Johnny Galecki, her ex-boyfriend and former co-star on The Big Bang Theory, and it turns out that he isn't the biggest fan of her morning show.

On Sunday, Kaley took to Instagram to share her most recent Cup of Cuoco episode with her 5.8 million followers. Johnny's response to her video wasn't very enthusiastic.

"I kinda enjoyed the absence. Please let me know once you plan the next. Thank you. XO," her former boyfriend of two years wrote.

During the short video that Johnny apparently had no interest in seeing, Kaley revealed that her husband, Karl Cook, is currently on a hiking trip in Patagonia with his family. The actress said that she'd been asked to join the group, but she declined the invite for a few different reasons.

For one thing, she'd already planned on staying home during her short break from filming her new HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant. Kaley explained that she wanted to spend this free time "getting situated" in the new house that she and Karl recently bought. Unfortunately, the house wasn't ready for the couple to move into quite yet, so she ended up staying at the condo they're temporarily living in instead.

Kaley went on to explain that she's also not much of a hiker, which was another reason she didn't want to join her husband and his family on their very active vacation.

"But I'm not a big hiker, so I think Karl probably would enjoy this trip more without me," she said. "I mean, I hope not. But I think that he will, so I think we made the right decision."

"I probably would have held him back on those hikes, anyway."
Kaley also revealed that she sees nothing wrong with husbands and wives occasionally going their separate ways and enjoy activities without each other.

"I think it's okay to do separate things like that," the former Big Bang Theory star said. "I think it's really good for your relationship."

Kaley revealed that Karl is having a "really good time" with his family, and she shared another reason for her decision not to join him in South America. According to the actress, she wanted to spend some of her limited time off from work with her beloved horses and rescue pets.

"I have a view of dogs and horses right now, which is, I think, what I really needed ⁠— what my heart and soul really needed," Kaley said.

Kaley also reassured her fans that her dog, Ruby, is still doing just fine. She had previously revealed that the tiny terrier hated the condo that she and Karl are temporarily living in, so she's currently staying with her mother. The animal lover explained that Ruby is just a "weird dog" that has "a lot of issues."

While Kaley might be dealing with a delayed move-in date, a bad review of her morning show from one of her co-stars on The Big Bang Theory, and temporary separations from her husband and one of her beloved pets, she's happy with the way things are going for her.

"But life is good," Kaley said. "No complaints."