‘Loneliest Man In America’ Donald Trump Is ‘Malignant Narcissist’ With No Friends, Mental Health Group Says

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Donald Trump has been repeatedly portrayed by aides and White House insiders, speaking to the media, as “alone,” “isolated,” and even “unraveling” or “flipping out.”

Even Trump himself complained that he is “all alone,” in one Twitter message posted on Christmas Eve of last year, during the government shutdown over funding for his desired border wall, as The Washington Post reported.

In fact, The Post reported that the night before Christmas of 2018 was Trump’s third straight day “holed up inside the White House,” firing off angry tweets attacking his various critics and perceived enemies — including then-Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Federal Reserve Bank.

On Christmas Day of this year, a group of mental health professionals that has repeatedly issued warnings about what they say is Trump’s dangerous psychological state explained Trump’s reported loneliness is the result of “malignant narcissism.” This form of narcissistic personality disorder combines a pathological fixation on one’s own needs and desires above all else with the willful infliction of harm on others.

Responding to a HuffPost report from the previous day titled “Donald Trump Is The Loneliest Man In America,” the group Duty To Warn took to its Twitter account Wednesday.

“Because malignant narcissists don’t have friends or advisors,” the group wrote, “just dupes, accomplices and toadies.”

Donald Trump walks with senate leaders.
Donald Trump with Senate leaders Mitch McConnell (l) and Roy Blunt (r).Featured image credit: Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

The HuffPost analysis compiled a series of media reports purporting to document Trump’s loneliness and “isolation” as seen through the eyes of aides and associates. According to HuffPost, the first known report of Trump’s lonely condition came in a February 2017 New York Times story headlined, “Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles.”

Published just over two weeks after Trump’s inauguration, the Times article by reporters Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush portrayed Trump “skulking around the West Wing in a bathrobe, ‘almost always by himself,'” as recounted by HuffPost.

Just three months later, HuffPost reported, the Reuters news service published a syndicated article describing Trump in its headline as “increasingly isolated” and quoting one White House aide.

“Everyone is just tired.”

On December 22, 2018, The New York Times published another story depicting Trump as not only “alone” but deliberately isolating himself to a greater degree than “at any point since taking office.” The article also reported that Trump was “watching more television than ever.”

The most recent “lonely Trump” report included in the HuffPost compilation came on November 7 of this year, courtesy of The Atlantic magazine, which published an article titled, “Donald Trump Is All Alone In The White House.” The Atlantic depicted Trump as having “no life” and refusing “to attend meetings or go out for Chinese food.”

Despite Trump’s reported loneliness, HuffPost notes, he continues to enjoy “lockstep” support from members of the Republican Party, in particular against his recent impeachment by the House of Representatives.