Joe Biden Said He Would Consider Elizabeth Warren As Running Mate If He Won Democratic Nomination

Joe Biden speaks at a political event.
Al Drago / Getty Images

Joe Biden said he would consider tapping Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren as a running mate if he were to win the Democratic nomination next year, though he isn’t getting ahead of himself yet.

The former vice president has been the frontrunner in the Democratic primary since entering the race earlier this year, withstanding surges from a number of other candidates, including Warren. Despite the sometimes sharp battles with Warren, Biden said he would consider sharing the ticket with her if he could secure the party’s nomination.

In an interview with Axios, as shared via The Hill, Biden said that he would definitely consider Warren, but was wary about presuming he would remain the frontrunner and win the nomination.

“I’d add Sen. Warren to the list. I’d add all,” Biden said before trailing off. “But she’s going to be very angry, my having said that. The question is, would she add me to her list?

“The reason I was reluctant to mention anyone, is, first of all, if I mention anyone who is running… first of all it’s presumptuous for me to even decide who my vice president would be. I’m not even the nominee yet, that’s number one,” Biden added.

While he has often been reluctant to speak about what would happen if he wins the nomination, Biden has dropped strong hints that his running mate would be a woman. In late November, Biden revealed a potential short list of running mates that included some prominent female politicians.

Though he didn’t actually identify any of them by name, Biden revealed a group that included former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Democratic Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, and former gubernatorial candidate-turned-voting rights activist Stacey Abrams.

Abrams’ name has been floated as a potential running mate since even before Biden officially entered the race, though she has put off the idea of serving as a No. 2 on any candidate’s ticket.

Earlier this week, Biden added that he would consider now-former candidate Kamala Harris as a potential running mate, despite the sometimes fierce clashes between the two during the debates.

As the Washington Examiner reported, Biden told a crowd on Wednesday at Iowa State University that Harris would either make a good running mate or U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

“We lost a really good one, the senator from California,” Biden said. “She is capable of being president or vice president or on the Supreme Court or attorney general. Her capacity is unlimited.”

When asked if he would consider adding Harris to his ticket, Biden responded, “Of course I would.”