Oceans 11-Type Heist Takes Place At Australian Casino

An Ocean’s 11-type heist recently took place at a casino in Australia.

A gambler managed to scam around $32 million out of the Crown Plaza in Melbourne, Australia. The perpetrator reportedly used the casino’s own high-definition security system to pull it off.

The foreigner who executed the Ocean’s 11-type heist employed methods similar to ones used by George Clooney’s character in director Steven Soderbergh’s crime caper. The film also starred Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and the late Bernie Mac.

The thieves used the security system to give the gambler an unfair advantage at the tables. Information pulled from the cameras allowed the individual to make important decisions that would ultimately lead to victory.

All it took were eight hands of cards to amass $32 million in winnings. Crown Plaza has yet to comment on how the perpetrators managed to pull off the scam.

While details about the Ocean’s 11--type heist are few and far between at the moment, the casino reportedly fired one of its employees after the scam was uncovered. This has led some to believe that thieves had an inside connection to the security system.

The individual who lost their job was a VIP services manager. These employees are assigned to those who win lots of money to ensure everything runs smoothly during their stay. Although Crown hasn’t commented on the heist, it’s believed the manager may have been helping out the thief.

The gambler was banned from the casino after it was discovered the patron was involved in the scam. Authorities have been made away of the situation, though no arrests have been made as of this writing. The casino believes it could recover a portion of the winnings.

What do you think about the gambler who pulled off an Ocean’s 11-type heist at an Australian casino?

[Top Image by Shutterstock.com]