Weatherman Wishes ‘Hugh Janus’ Happy Birthday On Live TV [Video]

hugh janus

Do you see anything wrong with the name Hugh Janus? A weatherman on KTLA was pranked today when he was tricked into wishing the fictional man a happy birthday on live television.

Henry DiCarlo of KTLA was reading off some birthdays when he saw that Hugh Janus was turning 10-years-old. DiCarlo pauses a bit on the name, but than continues on like nothing is wrong. His co-anchors, however, caught the joke.

(In case you missed it, say Hugh Janus out loud. Yes, DiCarlo wished a man named Huge Anus a happy birthday on live television.)

DiCarlo is hesitant at first but then starts cracking up as when he realizes that he has fallen for the oldest trick in the book.

The weatherman, through tears of laughter, said: “No, did I? Oh I think you’re right. I did fall for that one, huh? I was supposed to wish him a happy 10th birthday. So I figured young kid I’ll give him a birthday shout out. I got punk’d.”

After things settled down a big DiCarlo and his co-anchors wondered if there really was a 10-year-old boy named Hugh Janus watching the program at home.

Hugh Janus, of course, is the first cousin of I.P. Freely, the son of Al Coholic, and the uncle of Oliver Cloesoff. He’s employed by Homer Sexual and is best friends with Mike Rotch.