‘One Piece’ Chapter 962 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

Featured image credit: tofoli.douglasFlickr/ Public Domain

The latest chapter of One Piece mainly focused on the commotion at the Flower Capital involving Kinemon, Lord Kozuki Oden, Denjiro, and the Mountain God. While searching for one of its children, the Mountain God wreaked havoc in the Flower Capital and swallowed numerous people, including Tsuru. Kinemon tried to avenge Tsuru, but he failed. Luckily, Oden stepped up, baited the Mountain God with the white pig, and killed it with one powerful slash.

After that heroic moment, Oden ended up being kicked out of the Flower Capital by the shogun who thought that he was the one who stole the white pig from the Mountain God. On his way to Hakumai to see his “uncle,” Lord Shimotsuki Yasuie, Oden was accompanied by his new followers: Kinemon and Denjiro.

One Piece Chapter 962 is expected to feature the conversation between Oden and Yasuie. However, according to Otakukart, fans will need to wait a little longer to see the upcoming chapter as the popular manga will be on a one-week break.

One Piece Chapter 962 will be officially released on November 17, 2019, and the scans will be out on November 15, 2019. With more than a week before One Piece Chapter 962 officially becomes available, Otakukart gave their own predictions regarding what will happen next.

“One Piece 962 will likely Oden’s next job in Wano, and going to places where to Red Scabbards assemble. So far, Denjiro and Kin’emon have joined already. However, there are other that haven’t and they need to join up with Oden soon enough. We believe that in Hakumai, Oden will meet some more members of the Red Scabbards, likely Kanjuro and Raizo. Furthermore, Yasuie might introduce Orochi properly to us, and give us some more information on his origins. It’ll be very interesting to see what exactly will happen in the Wano story from here onwards and we can’t wait for it.”

The latest chapter of One Piece featured how Kinemon and Denjiro became Oden’s followers. One Piece Chapter 962 will likely reveal how Oden met the seven other members of the Nine Red Scabbards. These include Kanjuro, Raizo, Kawamatsu, Kikunojo, Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Ashura Doji.

In One Piece Chapter 961, it was revealed that Kurozumi Orochi, who is currently the shogun of the Land of Wano, was previously working as a servant of Lord Yasuie. Lord Yasuie picked Orochi out of the streets and turned him into his errand boy. However, Lord Yasuie has no idea that the boy he helped would end up betraying him and take his life.

The upcoming chapter of One Piece is expected to reveal more about the relationship between Lord Yasuie and Orochi.