Julianne Hough’s Stolen Jewelry Was Worth $100K

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Julianne Hough had more than $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen from her car.

According to TMZ, the star of Footloose left the jewelry in her Mercedes while visiting a friend in Los Angeles. When she returned to the vehicle she found that three pieces of jewelry had been stolen.

The NY Post reports that the interior of the car was “ransacked” but that there was no sign of forced entry. Police believe that Hough may have left the car unlocked.

But before you start criticizing Hough for leaving $100,000 worth of jewelry in her car (and for leaving the car unlocked) you should know that the actress wasn’t in the greatest state of mind last night. Hough had an Apicoectomy root canal this week and may have been a little drugged up at the time of the theft.

Hough wrote on Instagram: “After my Apicoectomy root canal surgery last night! I’ve got chipmunk cheeks and Botox looking lips! Ha! Thanks Dr Monempour :)”

But there is some good news. Hough may have had $100,000 worth of jewelry stolen but she did get a Tinkerbell band-aid from the doctor. Hough wrote: But I did get a tinker bell band aid! They know the way to make me feel better! My nickname growing up was tink! :)”


Here’s a photo of Hough after her surgery.

julianne hough

It’s unclear what jewelry was stolen but TMZ reports that the three pieces, one of which was a $500,000 watch, were gifts from Hough’s boyfriend Ryan Seacrest. The host of American Idol has been making close to $15 million per season on American Idol (although he reportedly took a pay cut this year) so it shouldn’t be too difficult to have the jewerly replaced.