Carrie Underwood's Mom Sparkles Like Her Daughter In Instagram Videos

Carrie Underwood celebrated her return to her home state in her most recent behind-the-scenes video. The clip included a lot of sparkle and a special performance by the artist's own flesh and blood.

Carrie's "Cry Pretty Tour 360" Instagram videos tend to be short but they are always packed with plenty of content. Carrie makes her followers feel as if they are there with her since she speaks to the camera. The "Before He Cheats" singer also often does something just a bit silly to put a smile on her faces, whether it's pretending to struggle with the pronunciation of Louisville or by singing another artist's song. In the video she uploaded on Saturday, she did the latter.

Carrie Underwood performed in Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday, so she paid tribute to the Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll and the Home of the Blues by singing the 1991 Pam Tillis tune, "Maybe It Was Memphis." The Memphis half of her video also gave fans an up-close look at one of her dazzling concert costumes, which consisted of a gray dress with an extremely short flared skirt and a glittering netted shawl with lace details. Carrie added even more enhancement to the look by wearing sheer pants covered with rhinestones or sequins underneath her dress.

Carrie Underwood's video also included a few moments from her recent Tulsa tour spot. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the audience was in for a treat when Carrie invited her mother onstage to sing the rap segment of her song "The Champion," a part that was originally performed by Lucadris. It seems as though Carrie's special mother-daughter performance came about because the country singer was so close to her hometown of Checotah.

"I'm home!" she says in her behind-the-scenes video. "Close enough. We're in Tulsa. This would be what I would consider being my hometown show, so we are here."

Carrie's mother doesn't rap in the Instagram video above, but viewers get to see her smiling on stage as Carrie asks the crowd to "give it up" for her mamma.

In addition to passing her musical talent on to her daughter, Carole Underwood might also have something to do with Carrie's love of sparkly outfits. For her performance, the school teacher rocked a tan sweater that glittered underneath the stage lights. However, her top wasn't quite as eye-catching as Carrie's sequined playsuit and rhinestone-covered net pants.

As reported by Tulsa World, Carrie Underwood teased her mom's appearance by describing her special musical guest as a teacher of 25 years who volunteers at an animal shelter and who has three daughters.

"I'm not reading any of this off the teleprompter," Carrie told the crowd. "How do I know all of this stuff about this woman? Because this is my mama. She is a champion."

Fans can hear Carrie's full introduction in the video below, which also includes a clip of Carole talking about how scared she had been ahead of her performance. However, she revealed that she had been practicing.

The video also included footage of Carrie demonstrating some of her mom's dance moves, as well as Carole's actual performance. Carrie correctly predicted that her mom would be doing a lot of pointing.

"She has never sang (sic) in front of a ton of people like this before so when she gets on this stage, you guys better give her all your love and all the support," Carrie said ahead of her mom's big moment.

Luckily, the concert-goers did just that, and now many Carrie Underwood fans have become Carole Underwood fans, too.