October 25, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers Reveal New Details On Return Of Dr. Tony Jones

New General Hospital spoilers reveal a juicy tidbit about an upcoming episode that will feature a character who was a fan favorite years ago. That said, it was revealed that actor Brad Maule would return as Dr. Tony Jones in some sense, and now specifics on what this return will entail have emerged.

The character of Tony had been killed off 13 years ago, but the actor who portrayed Dr. Jones recently popped up on the General Hospital set. Spoilers detailed that the character would be incorporated into one upcoming episode and now fans are able get a sense about where this plot point is headed.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Maule's brief return will air in November. General Hospital spoilers detail that Tony's visit will come as Lucas struggles after learning that Brad has been blackmailing Julian.

Of course, while Tony raised Lucas as his son, the show eventually revealed that Julian is actually Lucas' biological father. Lucas and Julian have intermittantly had a rocky relationship, but they grew somewhat close in recent months. Unfortunately, once Lucas learns that Julian had been blackmailing Brad, he will likely probably push his biological father away once again.

As Lucas struggled with the absence of having a solid father figure in his life, he was able to enjoy a "visit" from Tony. Unfortunately, Tony will not miraculously be brought back from the dead, and it seems he'll just be appearing in this one episode to interact with Lucas.

Some fans speculated that Tony's return would involve a visit with Lucas while hoping that his appearance would be in response to Lucas learning the truth about "Wiley." Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers seem to suggest that this baby swap reveal will be stretched out even longer.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, tense moments will involve Julian and Brad during the episode airing Friday, November 1. The following Monday, Lucas will reportedly include making some accusations, and Brad will be headed to meet with Julian. It certainly sounds likely that these teasers are setting the stage for Tony's brief return.

So when will the truth about Wiley being Jonah finally emerge?

Fans have been hoping that this bombshell will drop during the November sweeps period. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian faces a huge decision of some sort in the coming weeks, but not much else about this storyline hitting its revelation point has been divulged at this point.

Fans will likely wish that Brad Maule's return as Dr. Tony Jones would last longer. On the other hand, General Hospital viewers will surely enjoy having him back even if his return is just for one episode as that single appearance should be part of a great show to watch.