October 24, 2019
Many Of Hillary Clinton's Old Senate Allies Do Not Want Her In The 2020 Presidential Race

Former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton likely has one of the longer lists of powerful friends in the U.S. Senate, having served in the chamber herself for eight years. But when it comes to rumors and speculation of her potentially considering a 2020 presidential run, many of them are politely requesting that she not consider it.

According to Politico, Clinton allies all around Washington, D.C., almost all share a similar message when the subject of a Clinton 2020 run is brought up, saying that they respect her, but that it's time to move on.

"She's done a great service to our country and public service and I supported her wholeheartedly but I believe it's time for another nominee," said Sen. Dick Durbin.

"I don't think it would be good for her," Sen. Jon Tester said.

If Clinton were to toss her hat in the ring in a last-minute bid for the Oval Office, she would undoubtedly shoot to the front of the pack of Democratic candidates. She would also likely have little-to-no problem raising the appropriate amount of money and polling numbers to qualify for whatever debates lie ahead. But it might still not be enough this late in the game, considering the vast amount of political infrastructure so many other candidates have already begun building in key states.

Sen. Martin Heinrich was asked about a Clinton run and his response was clear and blunt.

"That would be a mistake," he said. When he was asked to expand on what he meant by that, he simply repeated the same phrase.

Though Democrats obviously respect Clinton and her service the country, along with her hard-fought battle against President Donald Trump in 2016 -- an election in which she handily won the popular vote -- many of her old and powerful friends are seemingly ready for new blood to take on what will likely be a massive challenge against Trump's well-funded re-election campaign.

Hillary Clinton greets supporters during a campaign rally at North Carolina State University.
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

"We have a lot of really fantastic candidates out there already. Let's leave it at that," Sen. Mazie Hirono said in reference to the idea of Clinton running in 2020.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal doesn't think Clinton wants to go through what would undoubtedly be a serious grind for the 2020 nomination.

"It's just my instinct that there's no way she wants to go through this meat grinder again," he said, referring to Clinton.

"It's hard to know whether the world has passed on or not," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein. "I'm a friend of hers and I'm extraordinarily fond of her. But that's a factor."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, earlier in October, Trump called out his former opponent in a tweet, saying Clinton should join the race and "steal" leading candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren's thunder, before railing on Clinton for her email controversy.

Clinton stirred up quite a buzz at the time when she responded to the president with a tweet of her own, simply writing, "Don't tempt me. Do your job."