‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Gives Scott Damaging News That Could Benefit Liz’s Fight For Franco

General Hospital star William deVry.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

The trial to determine Franco Baldwin’s mental capacity is coming up on General Hospital the week of October 21 and it is expected to be full of drama. Emotions will run high as both Liz and Kim fight for the man they want to be with, who happens to be the man that has someone else’s memories.

Unfortunately for Liz, Franco/Drew doesn’t want to be with her. Instead, it’s Kim who has his heart. Kim dropped Julian once Franco started taking a walk down memory lane with Drew’s memories. Now she is determined to get the love of her life back, despite anyone else who gets hurt. Julian will be getting involved in the case as well. According to SheKnows Soaps, Liz will be running into Kim’s ex during the week as she fills him in on the trial.

Julian was ready to drop his whole life in Port Charles for Kim Nero. Now he is left with a broken heart and he is about to do something about it. The print version of Soap Opera Digest teases that Julian will be giving Scott some type of explosive news about Kim that could benefit Liz’s case. The details as to what that could be are not known, but it is expected to be quite huge if they play their cards right.

Kim’s own mental heath could come into play. Julian knows that she was on the verge of a breakdown after losing Oscar. The news could have something to do with her trying to seduce both him and the real Drew so she could get pregnant.

Kim is supposed to be making some type of confession during the week. That could have something to do with a pregnancy, possibly Franco’s child after their little romp last month. However, it may be too early for that.

There are rumors of actress Tamara Braun leaving her General Hospital role as Kim Nero, as The Inquisitr had previously reported. That is not official at all right now, but it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise for viewers of the ABC soap. However, if Kim should become pregnant, that would make an interesting storyline for her, so she may stick around a little while longer.

How will this trial all turn out? The spoilers seem to suggest that things may not go Liz and Scott’s way, but there could very well be a twist coming soon.

When will Franco get his own memories back? Keep watching General Hospital to find out.