President Trump Brands Adam Schiff A ‘Dishonest Sleazebag’ In Friday Tweet Attack

Trump's social media attack comes amid a growing call by House Republicans to pass a resolution to censure Schiff.

President Donald Trump shouts at journalists from across the South Lawn
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Trump's social media attack comes amid a growing call by House Republicans to pass a resolution to censure Schiff.

In a continuance of the battle between President Donald Trump and the face of the House Democrat-led impeachment inquiry into the president, Rep. Adam Schiff, Trump, on Friday night, attacked the Democratic lawmaker and mocked his recent interviews with U.S. ambassadors related to the Ukraine phone call controversy.

“Corrupt Congressman Adam Schiff is angry that Ambassadors that he thought would be good for his fraudulent Witch Hunt, are turning out to be good for me – some really good! He’s got all meetings locked down, no transparency, only his illegal leaks. A very dishonest sleazebag!” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s tweet is presumably a jab at Schiff’s recent interview with former U.S. special representative to Ukraine Kurt Volker, who was recently interviewed by Schiff in a closed-door session. The California lawmaker is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

According to Washington Examiner, Schiff reportedly attempted to pressure Volker into admitting that Trump exerted his power to withhold U.S. military aid in an effort to pressure Ukrainian officials to launch a probe into former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, regarding his dealings with a Ukrainian energy company.

But Volker allegedly denied to Schiff that there was any pressure or quid pro quo involving the release of the U.S. military aid, and indicated that Ukraine wasn’t even aware of the large funding package at the time — a revelation that Schiff was reportedly unhappy about.

“Ambassador, you’re making this much more complicated than it has to be,” Schiff allegedly told Volker during the October 3 interview.

“Part of the other context is vital military support is being withheld from the Ukraine during this period, right?” Schiff reportedly asked, to which Volker replied that, to his knowledge, Ukrainian officials were not aware of the U.S. military funding package.

Trump continued his attack on Schiff shortly after his first tweet by quoting Fox News’ Jason Chaffetz’s comment on the impeachment inquiry debacle, in which he proclaimed that the impeachment inquiry investigation is “totally invalid” and nothing more than an “unconstitutional power grab.” Trump added “Corrupt Adam Schiff” to the end of the tweet.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trump’s social media attack on Schiff comes amid a growing effort by House Republicans to pass a motion to censure Schiff, an effort led by House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Andy Biggs.

The vote to censure Schiff was supposed to take place on the House floor on Thursday, but was postponed after Biggs penned a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explaining to her that House Republicans decided to delay the vote until Monday out of respect for the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings, who died earlier this week, according to The Hill.