Israel Passes The 'Jewish State Bill' And Is Met With Race Card Violence!

Currently in the United States, we are in the midst of a situation based by a division of race, specifically black and white. Unfortunately, the United States isn't the only country suffering from the onslaught of playing the race card. Israel is in the midst of their own race war between Israelis and Palestinians, especially with the latter whom live in the country. Now, that divide is going to split even more as after the approval of the "Jewish State" bill. As a result, race-fueled violence has ensued.

Prior to the Jewish State bill, relationships between Israelis and Palestinians weren't good. The Inquisitr reported on the aftermath of such a relationship, in which Palestinians living in Israel have become more bold in their antisemitism. In Nazareth, a billboard was erected calling for all Palestinians to kill Jews by running them over with their automobiles. This was followed-up by a more destructive act of violence of a massacre at a Jewish Synagogue, leaving five people dead.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during an Israel Cabinet meeting about the Jewish State bill. (via Jim Hollander)

The above acts of violence are just some of many incidents, in which more may happen now that the Jewish State bill is in effect. According to Time, the proposed legislation, referred at times as the "Nationality Law," was approved by the Israel Cabinet back in November. It decrees that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. It is backed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and promises to guarantee equality for all Israeli citizens.

Palestinian lawmakers on the other hand have deemed the bill a threat to the rights of Israel's Arab minority and its democratic principles. For example, one such draft would demote the Arabic language to "special status" ergo making Hebrew the state's sole official language. Still, it should be noted that the bill just passed the Israel Cabinet and is now headed to Parliament for finalization.

Unfortunately, the passing of the Jewish State bill has initiated - as written earlier - violence between Israelis and Palestinians living in the country. There have been many incidents locally reported but Times of Israel reported on two major acts of arson. The first is a case of Israelis attacking Palestinians when they torched a bilingual Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem. Hand in Hand School in Jersusalem's Pat neighborhood is one of five schools that educate over 1,000 students and aims to "create a strong, inclusive, shared society in Israel" through bilingual education in Hebrew and Arabic and integrated classes. Despite their peaceful mantra, it was still attacked and defiled by anti-Arab graffiti calling for the death of Arabs (Palestinians) and the denouncement of assimilation.

Jewish State Bill
The Tel Aviv International Synagogue was vandalized with an arson attack in protest of the "Jewish State" bill. (via Tel Aviv International Synagogue)

A second case happened the day after the bilingual school as a synagogue was torched, a show of Palestinians attacking Israelis. The Tel Aviv International Synagogue was targeted in which vandals left burnt books at the site along with graffiti that read the following.

"In a place where the Jewish state bill will be legislated, books will be burned."
The arson and graffiti echoed the statement by Jewish-German poet, Heinrich Heine, in which he said that when books are burned, human beings burn too. However, the rabbis affiliated with the synagogue denounced the acts of bigotry and terrorism. Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn made it clear the attack was an act of antisemitism, likely perpetrated by radical left-wing activists. Ariel also said the attack was ironic because the synagogue has a very firm pluralistic stance too.

In conclusion, the passing of the Jewish State Bill may have cemented Israel as the national home for Israelis, but it will be met with violence, not just by Palestinians, but by Israelis who are now expressing their anti-Arab beliefs. What is your opinion of the Jewish State Bill? Should Israel officially belong to the Israelis (Jews) or should it remain a multi-ethnic country?

[Post image via Jim Hollander and Tel Aviv International Synagogue]