Meghan McCain Condemns 'Disgusting' Fake Donald Trump Video Showing Her Dad Being Gunned Down

Kristine Lofgren

Meghan McCain condemned the violent doctored video that was aired at a pro-Trump event showing the president killing his opponents, including her father, the late John McCain, and other media figures. According to Mediaite, The View host addressed the shocking video that has been garnering criticism from people on both sides of the aisle.

At a conference at Donald Trump's Doral Miami resort, a pro-Trump group aired a video that showed Trump's head superimposed over a video showing a man gunning down a group of people in a church. Among those people being killed were a doctored John McCain, Kathy Griffin, Maxine Waters, Mitt Romney, Bernie Sanders, former President Obama, the Clintons and a variety of people representing media outlets.

All of the shows' co-hosts condemned the video as "vile" and "horrific," but McCain was particularly impacted by the imagery, which critics say is an amplification of Trump's frequent divisive rhetoric aimed at the media and his perceived enemies.

McCain said that she had argued with people on social media all morning after the news broke about the video. People have told her the video is an expression of free speech and that she was a "snowflake" for taking offense at the video, which depicted her father being gunned down. She called out the video for showing people who are still alive for being killed, potentially raising the possibility for violence against some of the individuals in the video.

"How easy for all of you judging me that I'm offended and upset by the video? You try doing this when its a member of your family has continued to have this happen over and over and over again! And it doesn't seem to matter to anybody in Trump-world whatsoever! And you conservatives on Twitter, if this were the opposite and happened at an Obama event, you would be screaming bloody murder!" she said.

Co-host Sunny Hostin suggested that this type of video should be illegal because it could be seen as encouraging violence against people.

While the White House as condemned the video, as The Inquisitr previously reported, co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that the president himself should denounce the violence.

"With all the Twitter stuff he does, he couldn't come out and condemn it himself?" Goldberg asked.

Hostin pointed out that Trump has tweeted about Dancing with the Stars, but hadn't addressed the video.