'The Young And The Restless' Comings And Goings: Lily Returns To Settle The Score

The Young and the Restless comings and goings for the week of October 14 and beyond bring Lily Winters back to Genoa City, and she has a score to settle. Plus, Theo appears to get a new family member, a mysterious stranger shows up, and some members of the Brooks family help out Jack and Traci with their new book about the Abbotts.

It's no secret that Christel Khalil brings Lily Winters back to the canvas soon. Soap Opera Digest reported that Lily hits the storyline on October 25. Khalil discussed her return with the magazine, which comes on the heels of actress Mishael Morgan's return to the soap as a new character named Amanda Sinclair.

"It was nice because I got to see everyone. I love working with Mishael, so it's like the good ole days. It's so funny to have us there again. Bryton [James, Devon] and Daniel [Goddard, Cane] were tripping out at first," Khalil explained.

Khalil revealed that she is willing to come back anytime Y&R has a storyline for Lily as long as it fits into her schedule.

Mary Margaret Lewis brings a new character named Doris Tillington to the storyline on October 28, and she might have something to do with the big secret that Traci (Beth Maitland) is intent on uncovering. On the same day, a politician named Tammy Diamond arrives in Genoa City. Tammy will be played by Gillian White, who previously portrayed China Lee on Days of Our Lives. It's possible that Tammy has something to do with Nick's (Joshua Morrow) upcoming storyline.

On November 1, General Hospital alum Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex Carlos/Joe) shows up as Simon Black. Simon is a charming, but dangerous man who has some unfinished business with some of Genoa City's finest.

Finally, Theo (Tyler Johnson) gets an addition to his family. Jon Briddell brings Eric Vanderway to town, according to SheKnows Soaps. Although speculation is that Eric is Theo's father, it is possible the two are related in another way since Theo recently opened up to Summer (Hunter King) about losing his father.

As for who is leaving the canvas, Lauren Woodland, who portrays lawyer Brittany Hodges, is out for the time being. With Michael (Christian LeBlanc) serving as the new district attorney, Genoa City needs more lawyers. While Amanda may turn out to serve people who find themselves needing legal representation, it's possible that Brittany will show up as the storyline calls for her help. After all, the Newmans and others will surely need lawyers to get them out of their legal jams.