New Poll Reveals Growing Political Divide Since Donald Trump Took Office

President Donald Trump is currently battling with Democrats over the recent announcement of an impeachment inquiry that was sparked after a whistleblower accused the president of a quid pro quo situation with Ukraine. Coinciding with this political fight, a new poll just released suggests American voters are seemingly more divided on politics than they've ever been in modern history.

According to The Hill, a recent Pew Research Center poll shed light on an alarming split between Republican and Democratic voters, and this problem seems so large that respondents even acknowledged the growing rift in the survey and expressed concern over the current state of the political realm.

Republican voters overwhelmingly believe Democratic voters are close-minded and even unpatriotic when compared to other Americans. A majority of Republican voters also believe that Democratic voters are immoral and 46 percent of GOP voters think their political opposites are lazy.

But the rift is slightly more noticeable when Democratic voters were posed the same question about their counterparts, with 75 percent labeling Republican voters as close-minded and 47 percent calling Republicans immoral.

And on each side of the aisle, roughly a third of respondents consider their opposites unintelligent.

In the last partisan attitude survey conducted by Pew Research Center, which took place in 2016, numbers across the board are up. Democrats who think Republicans are immoral jumped 12 points, and Republicans who think Democrats are immoral jumped eight points. Over half of all voters surveyed agree that there are major differences between what they believe each party stands for in 2019.

As wide as the gap between the two political sides seems to currently be, nearly half of Republican and Democratic voters also think their own parties have gone too far, which raises questions about how elected officials are presenting themselves to the American public on major issues.

The partisan attitudes poll was conducted in early September and included 9,895 voters with a margin of error of 1.5 percent.

President Donald Trump tours the Skyway Villa Mobile Home and RV Park with Gov. Jerry Brown.
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With an impeachment battle simmering, Trump also received unfavorable poll coverage this week after a bombshell Fox News survey revealed that a slight majority of Americans support the president's impeachment, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Just over half of Americans surveyed by Fox News, 51 percent, believe not only that Trump should be impeached, but that he should also be removed from the White House. As far as those who support his impeachment but not his removal, that number came in at 55 percent.

Given the generally friendly audience that Fox News provides for the president and the fact that the numbers are up significantly from July, the Fox News survey indicates a staggering shift in public opinion as the Ukraine phone call situation boils over.