Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina & Valentin Face Potential Wedding Day Bombshells From Lulu & Curtis

Cynthia Watros and James Patrick Stuart play Nina and Valentin on 'General Hospital
Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show tease that it’s time for Nina and Valentin’s wedding. However, there is plenty of potential for this event to go off the rails and fans are anxious to see how this plays out. Lulu now knows that Sasha isn’t really Nina’s biological daughter, and she’s struggling over what to do with this information. In addition to that, teasers suggest that Curtis will want to talk to Nina about something important, too.

As The Inquisitr noted would be the case ahead of Thursday’s show, Lulu overheard Liesl and Sasha talking about the big secret they’ve kept hidden from Nina. Lulu was completely stunned by this bombshell and she told Dustin about how conflicted she was over what to do about it.

Lulu decided that she would not break Nina’s heart by telling her what she had learned, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she may find it impossible to fully stick to this plan. The sneak peek for Friday’s episode shows everybody dressed up and gathered for Nina and Valentin’s wedding. At one point, Lulu will make a comment that clearly refers to what she knows.

Lulu will glare at Valentin and tell him that he won’t feel “that way” after he hears what she has to say. Dustin is standing next to Lulu as she faces off with Valentin and Peter is standing there as well.

Will Lulu reveal the bombshell information she learned by overhearing Liesl and Sasha? She told Dustin what she learned, but it wouldn’t seem that she’d necessarily tear into Valentin while exposing specifics with Peter standing there.

It may be that Lulu shares just enough for Valentin to realize that she knows his secret, without specifying enough for Peter to figure it out. Valentin looks pretty smug as this confrontation begins, but he certainly won’t be happy to learn that this secret is spreading by the day.

General Hospital spoilers also suggest that Curtis will try to tell Nina something important right before the wedding. He doesn’t know the truth about Sasha, but Nina seems resistant to listening to whatever he’s about to try to tell her.


Will Curtis try to talk Nina out of the wedding, or is there something else on his mind? These two have been very good friends for a long time now, and he only has her best interests at heart. However, he may back off and let go of whatever it is he wanted her to know.

It’s not clear yet how far this wedding day will progress during Friday’s episode. However, Soap Central does reveal some General Hospital spoilers about what happens next week.

Lulu will get confirmation on something, and it seems virtually guaranteed that this is about the Sasha situation. Valentin will be offended by something, and fans would probably guess that he’ll be scrambling and trying to maintain his cover regarding the Sasha situation.

Will Lulu end up being the one to finally expose this secret? Will it lead to the revelation that Willow is Nina’s true biological daughter? General Hospital spoilers tease that this is about to explode and fans cannot wait to see how it plays out.