Justin Amash Says Donald Trump Is ‘Openly Challenging Our System Of Checks And Balances’

Bill PuglianoGetty Images

Donald Trump is currently facing impeachment proceedings after reportedly pressuring Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, during a controversial phone call. Despite this purported scandal, Trump doesn’t seem to be worried about being removed from office. When speaking to reporters Thursday, Trump openly called on Ukraine to investigate Biden. Not only that, he took things a step further and called on China to do the same.

In response, independent and frequent Trump critic Justin Amash took to Twitter to address what he believes is a brash abuse of power on Trump’s behalf.

“He’s openly challenging our system of checks and balances,” he tweeted. “In plain sight, he’s using the powers of his public office for personal gain and counting on Republicans in Congress to look the other way.”

In the wake of the Ukraine scandal, Amash blasted his Republican colleagues for “denying reality.” Following the release of the memorandum of Trump’s phone call, Amash again went on the attack and addressed South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s criticism of the impeachment proceedings against Trump.

“The White House itself released a memorandum of the telephone conversation, and the president has admitted to wrongdoing, even if he claims not to understand why it’s wrong. Nearly every Trump ally’s defense has been an effort to gaslight America.”

Amash has pledged to support the impeachment of Trump, The Hill reports. He said that assuming the articles are drafted properly, he believes that there is impeachable conduct on Trump’s behalf that he would support if included in the articles. The Libertarian-leaning independent was the first to call for Trump’s impeachment before he departed the GOP following backlash for his beliefs. He made the proclamation following the release of Robert Mueller’s report on his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The 39-year-old congressman has also been critical of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hesitancy to move forward with impeachment and is happy she has changed her tune.

“I think it’s positive that Speaker Pelosi is acting with more force in this case than she did with the Mueller report,” he said.

Although rumors continue to swirl that Amash is running as a 2020 presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party, he still hasn’t made a commitment yet.

“I haven’t ruled it out,” he said, adding that he also wouldn’t rule out being a race car driver, music producer, or any positive opportunity. He claims that for now, he’s focused on his constituents in Michigan and running for re-election in the House.