Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham Appears To Be In Hysterics While Jonathan Cheban Hypes Her Podcast

On September 22, Abraham attended the 71st Emmy Awards
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

On October 2, Farrah Abraham shared a video post on Instagram. The clip also included her daughter, Sophia, as well as reality star and entrepreneur Jonathan Cheban, who is often billed as Kim Kardashian’s best friend.

In the social media video, Jonathan hawked the former Teen Mom OG‘s upcoming podcast, announcing that the next installment will be the fourth of the series and will go live on Thursday. During his spiel, the 44-year-old personality made note of the fact that Farrah is no longer a Teen Mom while promising that the fresh episode will be fun.

While Jonathan talked, Sophia and her mom kept making funny faces as the three of them sat on a couch. Both Farrah and her 10-year-old daughter were wearing sensible red frocks. Hers was long-sleeved and high necked, a far cry from what Farrah typically wears. She wore her long hair up in a bun while the rest of her hairdo was slightly messy.

In a strange move made on her Wednesday post, Farrah tagged a slew of Instagrammers, including Kendall Jenner, Fox TV, E! News, Kristian Murda Murphy, Kim Kardashian West, People, OK! Germany, Viacom, MTV News, Life & Style, Daily Mail, Daily Mail fashion desk, Teen Mom and Daily Mail TV. While she was at it and possibly for good measure, Farrah also tagged her daughter, Jonathan (also known as Food God), and herself.

Within four hours of being uploaded, the former Teen Mom OG star was awarded more than 68,000 likes from among her 2.2 million Instagram followers. In addition and within the same time frame, 199 fans and (apparent) foes commented on Farrah’s Wednesday video upload.

“Love you all,” stated one fan.

“Your face. OMG!!! You are captivatingly gorgeous,” said a second follower, who added three heart-eye face emoji and one hundred percent emoji to his message.

“Farrah you’re looking good, girl,” remarked another positive person.

Meanwhile, other Instagrammers — who are not necessarily Farrah’s fans but who still follow her posts — chimed in on the commenting part of her fresh video share.

“Farrah and her daughter are too much they make that dude look awkward lol,” stated another follower who was apparently referring to Jonathan.

“Jonathan why would u even mess with that….,” questioned another person who added a string of disgusted-face emoji.

“Why do u always just act like ur higher then a lite. Jesus lord I feel bad for whomever has to work with u including your daughter,” commented another follower.


“You are so messed up. How can you watch this and think you are in any way normal? Poor Sophia! Get off the drugs Farrah, they don’t suit you! CPS— hellooo,” stated yet one more critic.

Farrah’s relationship with Jonathan is unknown. She and Sophia had been seen having dinner with him a few days ago but the reason for their shared meal was not explained.

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