Barbara Walters’ Reportedly Deteriorating Health May Leave Former ‘The View’ Star Facing 90th Birthday Alone

Heidi GutmanABC

Journalism icon Barbara Walters is about to celebrate her 90th birthday. Unfortunately, a new report indicates that she may be quite isolated — and without many of her loved ones — during the big day. Rumors about Walters’ health have been swirling for some time now, and according to Radar Online, friends of the former The View star are devastated over the situation.

Walters’ 90th birthday is on Wednesday, September 25. According to her publicist, Walters will spend the day with her daughter, Jackie. While it sounds as if other long-time friends of the journalist would love the opportunity to visit and help her celebrate, the buzz is that everybody is being kept away.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, Walters has had a long-running tradition of having big celebrations for her birthdays. For her 85th birthday five years ago, she held an extravagant event at New York City hotspot The Rainbow Room, and was surrounded by celebrities.

Although nobody from Walters’ camp has confirmed the rumors about her health issues, reports have said that she has both heart problems and dementia. The View host Whoopi Goldberg recently tried to rebuke those reports, but that hasn’t put an end to the rumors.

While Walters used to be quite social, insiders claim that she has turned into a recluse due to her deteriorating health. Walters is said to spend most of her time by herself at her NYC apartment, her butler manning the door to keep others at a distance.

Additional reports regarding Walters’ health in recent months have suggested that she may not be able to get around without using a wheelchair. In addition, reports suggest that she is no longer able to easily recognize her loved ones. Barbara has not appeared on The View in quite some time, and her regular specials ended a while ago as well.

Sadly, it doesn’t seem that Walters has made any public appearances of any kind in the past couple of years or so. She also no longer updates her Twitter account, as her last tweet is from her birthday two years ago. Supposedly, many people who have known her for years worry that they will only eventually learn of her passing by reading an obituary for her in the newspaper.

Fans of Walters would surely love an opportunity to pay homage to the iconic journalist for such a milestone birthday like this one. Sadly, it doesn’t sound as if the former host of The View will be doing anything public to celebrate, as she has in the past. Even without any sort of public affair, those who adore and respect Walters will be hoping that she has an opportunity to enjoy this 90th birthday, even if she needs to do so quietly and privately.