Jessa Duggar Lavished With Instagram Praise For Having Her Son Do Housework

Jessa Duggar's oldest son helps her with the laundry, and he just accomplished something big.

Jessa Duggar poses with husband Ben Seewald and the couple's two sons, Spurgeon and Henry Seewald
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Jessa Duggar's oldest son helps her with the laundry, and he just accomplished something big.

Jessa Duggar isn’t raising her sons to believe that doing laundry is a woman’s job. In fact, her oldest son, 3-year-old Spurgeon, is currently convinced that washing clothes is actually fun.

On Thursday, Jessa took to Instagram to share a sweet family video with her followers. In the short clip, Spurgeon is trying to help his mom out by doing the laundry. Jessa is letting him do everything by himself, filming the tyke as he takes wet clothing out of the washer and puts each item into the dryer. Luckily for the little boy, the washer is a front-loader, so he’s able to reach everything inside it pretty easily. However, Spurgeon does have to crawl up on the side of the appliance to reach the last few pieces of clothing and a heavy blanket temporarily ends up on the floor.

Even though doing laundry is much more difficult for a little guy like Spurgeon than it is for his mom, he doesn’t ask for help; he even stands on his tiptoes to turn the dryer on himself.

In a lengthy caption accompanying the Instagram video, Jessa Duggar shared that Spurgeon loves transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer. The Counting On star revealed that the moment she captured on camera was the first time that her son had done the chore all by himself, writing that he was “super excited” about his accomplishment. She also explained why she didn’t mind Spurgeon dropping a few items on the floor, confessing that this usually happens to her, too.

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As I was laying Henry and Ivy down for naps, Spurgeon shouted from the hallway (which is also our laundry room), “Hey Mommy, it just beeped!”— meaning, the washer‘s cycle was finished. He LOVES to help me move clothes from the washer to the dryer. I was still feeding the little one, so told him he could go ahead and transfer the laundry while I watched from the bedroom. He opened the washer door, and worked item-by-item until it was all switched over. A few things fell out on the floor during the process, but hey, that usually happens to me too. ???? And him digging for the last few items in the back of the machine— “I— got you!” So proud of his accomplishment! This was his first time to do it all by himself, and he was super excited. I know as a parent, it’s easy to rush around, doing a bulk of the work by myself because it’s way faster. But little kids love to take part in meaningful tasks with mom and dad. It’s good for us to slow down, let them come alongside us and feel the satisfaction of being our big helper. ????????????

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Jessa admitted that it’s quicker and easier to get the housework done by herself, but she thinks that it’s important for parents to encourage their kids to help out with “meaningful tasks.”

Jessa Duggar’s Instagram followers let her know that they agree with her sentiment, especially when it comes to teaching boys to help out around the house. They also heaped Jessa with praise for being an awesome parent.

“This is wonderful to see, many parents dont let or make a son do house work,” wrote one fan.

“Good job momma. not only teaching him values but teaching him how to be a good man and help around the house,” read another remark.

I’m impressed! Would he teach my husband?” quipped another admirer.

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These three. ☺️???? @ben_seewald

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During a Good Morning America interview, John-David Duggar once admitted that the female members of his family do most of the laundry, and he claimed that it’s something that they “love” to do. However, when three of his sisters⁠ — Jana, Joy-Anna, and Jinger⁠ — were asked to raise their hands if they like washing clothes, they all kept their arms firmly planted at their sides.

At least it looks like Jessa Duggar’s daughter, 3-month-old Ivy Jane, will get a little more help from at least one of her older brothers when she’s old enough to do the laundry.