September 13, 2019
'Big Brother 21' Spoilers: A New Head Of Household Emerges After Shockingly Short Endurance Competition

Only four houseguests remain on Season 21 of Big Brother. Spoilers reveal that a new Head of Household has been named after Thursday night's eviction, but ultimately, it's the Power of Veto winner who holds the real power this coming week.

Tommy Bracco was evicted Thursday night over Holly Allen. This means that the four BB21 players who had recently made an agreement to back one another ultimately stuck to their deal and indeed made it to the Final 4. However, one of the two remaining duos will be split apart and regrets may soon begin to bubble to the surface.

After Tommy's eviction, Holly, Cliff Hogg, and Nicole Anthony battled for Head of Household. As outgoing HOH, Jackson Michie was unable to compete. Apparently, this HOH competition was over quite quickly and spoiler Twitter account @BB_Updates reveals that Nicole ended up with the win.

Nicole's HOH win means that she's guaranteed a spot in the Final 3, but can she keep her partner Cliff by her side? They very nearly voted out Holly over Tommy, but some last-minute scrambling turned the votes around again and this may come back to bite them.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, Jackson did some eavesdropping and then used what he heard to destroy Tommy's chances of staying in the house. Big Brother spoilers revealed that he lied to Cliff and Nicole to make Tommy seem like he'd been playing them, and this prompted the duo to decide to keep Holly after all.

Cliff and Nicole probably will not realize the truth of how they were manipulated heading into this eviction until the game is entirely over. In the meantime, the Final 4 are all gushing over how glad they are to still be together and be at this stage of the game.

How will Nicole handle her responsibilities as HOH? Spoilers from Big Brother Network detail that she will surely nominate Jackson and Holly, keeping Cliff safe for now. The nominations should happen Friday afternoon, one day before the usual Power of Veto competitions.

Ultimately, it's the Power of Veto this week that is essential to winning. If Jackson or Holly win, they can pull themselves off the block. Cliff would go up, and they'd surely evict Cliff over one another. If Nicole or Cliff win, Jackson and Holly remain on the block and their partnership will come to an end.

If Cliff and Nicole can maintain the power by winning the POV, their plan seems to be to evict Jackson. Nicole is safe no matter what since she's HOH, and the POV winner will join her in the Final 3 if someone other than Nicole wins that.

Fans will certainly be anxious to find out which of these remaining houseguests wins the Power of Veto this weekend. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother spoilers as they become available to see how things shake out for the coming week.