September 11, 2019
Huge Disney Fan Gets Drunk And Arrested, Banned From Walt Disney World For Life

Walt Disney World is a huge vacation destination for so many people, but there are also those who go very often. The super fans love to visit the parks all the time and experience all that Disney has to offer in magic and fun. One particular big-time fan will no longer be able to enjoy her weekly visits, though, as her reported drunken outburst and arrest at Disney's Hollywood Studios have led her to being banned for life.

Fifty-three-year-old Ellen McMillion is a self-professed Disney super fan and anyone who knows her would likely say the same thing. It appears as if she was visiting the WDW parks just a few days after they closed early due to Hurricane Dorian, as reported by The Inquisitr.

She visits the parks in Central Florida multiple times a week and has for many years, but that has all supposedly come to an end.

Click Orlando is reporting that McMillion visited Disney's Hollywood Studios last week and ended up getting drunk. Not only did she get drunk, but she allegedly kept trying to slap a taxi driver due to not having any cigarettes that he could give to her, but apparently she didn't stop there.

Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff's Office arrived and confronted McMillion, who was allegedly slurring her words and having trouble maintaining her balance. She purportedly smelled strongly of alcohol as well. As police officers tried to speak with her, she informed them that she was drunk and that she wouldn't cooperate until she received a cigarette.

At this point, McMillion supposedly threw her purse onto the ground when asked for identification, and reportedly she began yelling profanities at nearby children and families.

McMillion was placed under arrest in the parking lot of Disney's Hollywood Studios, and things turned even worse.

While under arrest, it has been reported that she kicked a sheriff's deputy twice in the leg as they were placing her in the back of the patrol car. Allegedly, she had attempted to pull away from the officers as they moved her near the vehicle.

McMillion is facing charges of disorderly intoxication as well as battery on a law enforcement officer.

The public intoxication, battery, and being arrested would be bad enough for anyone to have a rotten day, but it apparently turned worse for McMillion. The report from the Orange County Sheriff's Office also states that she has been banned from all Walt Disney World properties.

A spokesperson for the Walt Disney Company would not comment much on the situation as they said that "this is a law enforcement matter," and left it at that. In regard to McMillion being banned from Walt Disney World, the spokesperson did say that the company has "no tolerance for violence."