'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5 Episode 14 Preview: Althea And Morgan Enter A Dangerous Settlement

As AMC's Fear the Walking Dead heads towards its Season 5 finale, it appears the stakes are raised as the new group continues to make themselves known.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 13 (titled "Leave What You Don't") of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 5. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

As an increasing number of newcomers are appearing in Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, the synopsis for the upcoming Episode 14 suggests that viewers will get to catch up with some of the characters who were absent from Episode 13.

The synopsis for Episode 14 (titled "Today and Tomorrow") of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5, as quoted by Coming Soon, is below.

"An encounter with a survivor sends Al and Morgan on a mission into a dangerous settlement; Al chases a lead while Morgan has an epiphany; Grace and Daniel make a connection."
Grace (Karen David) and Daniel (Ruben Blades) are a new pairing and are likely out on a scouting run. However, it appears that they make some sort of a connection during this week's episode. Considering that Grace was recently snubbed by Morgan (Lennie James), the potential is there for this to be a romantic pairing.

Althea (Maggie Grace) and Morgan were absent from last week's episode of Fear. However, it is possible that the "dangerous establishment" mentioned in the synopsis could refer to the group introduced in Episode 13.

Colby Minifie stars as Virginia, as seen in Episode 13 of AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 5
AMC | Van Redin

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new group was introduced in the last episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Known as the Pioneers, or Settlers, this new group is intent on getting their hands on the oil fields. Taking over from Logan (Matt Frewer) as the show's antagonist, they appear to be much more ruthless than Logan ever was.

While the synopsis for Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead doesn't appear to include any concrete references to the Pioneers, the trailer released by Skybound does.

In the clip, a person is seen falling into a swimming pool with one of the infected. Directly after that, Virginia (Colby Minifie), who heads the Pioneers, suggests that someone really does "know how to make an entrance." Afterward, it is revealed that it is Althea who fell into the pool and Morgan is seen helping her out. So, if the two scenes are connected, it would certainly indicate that the group Al and Morgan encounter is the Pioneers.

However, viewers will have to tune into Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 to find out for certain.

You can view the for Episode 14 of Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead below.

Season 5 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead returns on September 16 at 9 p.m.