Donald Trump’s Family Will Create A ‘New’ Republican Party, Says Brad Parscale

Saul Loeb-PoolGetty Images

Business Insider reports that Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, recently appeared at a Republican Party convention in Indian Wells, California. At the meeting, Parscale reportedly suggested that the Trump family plans to become a “dynasty,” one that will span decades and will create a “new” Republican Party.

According to Parscale, the “new” party he speaks of will “continue to adapt,” while at the same time maintaining the “conservative values” of the party. But when pressed about the possibility of Trump’s children running for office, Parscale didn’t commit to anything.

“I just think they are a dynasty. I think they are all amazing people with […] amazing capabilities,” he said.

Although a dynasty can refer to a hereditary line of rulers, it’s also used more broadly to describe a succession of family members that play important roles in a field, such as politics or business. However, per The Inquisitr, Republican strategist Rick Wilson claims that Donald Trump Jr. will likely run for president in 2024, suggesting that the dynasty Parscale speaks of could refer to the latter definition.

Wilson said that Trump Jr. is adept at the “grievance-mongering” which he believes has replaced modern conservatism thanks to Trump. He also noted that a loss in 2020 for Trump could increase Trump Jr.’s chances of securing the GOP nomination in 2024. However, Wilson is highly critical of the current Republican Party under Trump, with him suggesting that a dynasty isn’t going to be well-received by the GOP was a whole.

“In the era of Donald Trump, the Republican Party has become hilariously, utterly blind to the consequences of its transformation from conservative leaders to Trump cult bootlicks, toadies, and ball-washing yes-men,” he wrote in an op-ed for The Daily Beast. “They whistled past the graveyard in 2018 right up to a colossal congressional and down-ballot ass-beating on Election Day, but the real future they face is almost unimaginably bad.”

Regardless, Donald Trump’s White House is already advised by his daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner. In addition, Eric Trump and Trump Jr. head the Trump Organization, and Lara Trump is Parscale’s senior consultant, effectively paving the way for some form of a dynasty — regardless of the specific definition used. And with Trump Jr.’s extended time on the road attending political events and fundraisers for Republican candidates, a 2024 presidential run isn’t out of the question. The Trump family may indeed have their eyes on a long-term presence in politics.