‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter Embraces His Dark Side

Craig SjordinABC Press

Peter August seems to have tuned into his dark side on ABC’s General Hospital. He has been trying to redeem himself for months and has formed a happy life with Maxie Jones. However, it appears that keeping his past from her will be his undoing.

Coming up the week of September 9, Peter will continue to sneak around in his quest to keep Shiloh happy and deciding what to do about Andre Maddox. Faison’s son is getting in deep. He is acting more like his father every day. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Peter will want to wrap things up quickly. The spoilers do not go into any more detail on what that’s about, but it stands to reason that it involves either Shiloh or Andre, or maybe both.

Robert Scorpio has had Peter, aka Henrik Faison, on his radar ever since he came to town. While it looked like the writers were about to redeem Peter August, along came Shiloh who brought up his past dirty deeds in order to get what he wants. Peter felt forced to do whatever Shiloh wants in order to keep Maxie, or anyone else in Port Charles, from finding out the depths of his past.

General Hospital fans are all for Robert Scorpio taking Peter August down, especially since Maxie’s boyfriend is suddenly looking more like his father every day. It appears obvious that he was the one behind Andre’s stabbing, and most likely Drew’s plane going missing.

While viewers love actor Wes Ramsey, his character of Peter August has not gone over very well. There are many who are are not big fans of the pairing of Maxie and Peter. Now that he seems to be a bad guy all of a sudden, they are ready for the character to be exposed for who he really is.

Of course, the writers may have some sort of twist in the future when it comes to Peter. He could be the one who gets rid of Shiloh once and for all. That would make everyone in Port Charles happy, and that would also make viewers very happy.

What does the future have in store for Maxie and Peter? He will do anything to keep Maxie in his life. But if Robert has anything to do with it, he will do whatever it takes to catch Peter with his hands in the cookie jar.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.