Elizabeth Warren Inches Closer To Joe Biden As Battle For Delegates Becomes A Three-Person Race

If former Vice President Joe Biden was looking in his rearview mirror, he'd probably see Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren getting closer and gaining speed as the New England Democrat gains traction in an important poll that also shows Biden holding steady in the race for the party's nomination.

According to a new CBS News/YouGov Tracker estimate of delegates, the former vice president is estimated to get some 600 delegates, while Warren is not far behind, and is currently estimated to receive 545 delegates.

Directly behind the Massachusetts senator is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-described Democratic Socialist, with a predicted 286 delegates. Behind Sanders are former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, California Sen. Kamala Harris, and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who are predicted to take home 34, 16, and 13 delegates, respectively.

According to CBS News, the estimated count of delegates is the only measure that ultimately matters as the number of delegates won at the Democratic National Convention is the vote that will ultimately determine which person the Democratic party selects as its candidate to face off against President Donald Trump on the ballot next year.

Per the CBS News poll, Warren currently is the favored candidate in New Hampshire followed by Biden and Sanders, in what CBS News essentially described as a three-way race. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the 4th most-favored candidate in the state, but is estimated to have just 8 percent of the state's support when compared to 3rd-place Sanders, who has 25 percent.

Biden leads the races in Iowa and South Carolina, though his lead is much smaller in Iowa with a predicted 29 percent in that state versus his predicted 43 percent lead in South Carolina. The Vermont senator is the 2nd-place candidate in both of those states, according to CBS News, though Biden holds a 25 percent lead over Sanders in South Carolina.

Sanders leads the race in Nevada, with an estimated 29 percent of support in the state, though the former VP is just 2 percentage points behind the Medicare-for-All champion.

In a broad aggregate survey of Super Tuesday voters, Warren has a slight 1 percent point lead over President Obama's second-in-command. According to CBS News, despite Warren's gains in the race, Biden hasn't lost much support. In fact, in places like Iowa, the Democrat from Delaware has even gained support. The increased support for Warren's bid for the presidency likely comes from lower-tier candidates who have either dropped out of the race or have lost supporters as it has moved forward.

According to ThinkProgress, Super Tuesday, which will occur on March 3 of next year, is likely to determine who will win the Democratic party's nomination. In 2020, California and North Carolina will join the list of states participating in the Super Tuesday primary.