'Brady Bunch' Star Eve Plumb Shoots Down Rumors Of Past Feud With Her TV Sister, Maureen McCormick

Victoria Miller

Brady Bunch star Eve Plumb is speaking out about rumors that she and her TV sister, Maureen McCormick, were involved in a feud. One decade after a rumored fight between The Brady Bunch stars sparked rumors of a canceled morning show reunion, Plumb, who played middle sister Jan Brady on the show, says all is good — and always was.

Speaking to E! News ahead of HGTV's A Very Brady Renovation – a home renovation show that reunites Plumb with her TV siblings McCormick, Susan Olsen, Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland — the 61-year-old former child star said she never needed to "remedy" her relationship with McCormick, who played Marcia Brady on the iconic '70s sitcom.

"There was no — people like to say things. There was no remedy needed."

"You know, we're all grown-up now, obviously, and we all get along like real people. And HGTV just offered us an extended family reunion. Just like any family reunion, having different memories of different events," she said.

Plumb also admitted the HGTV design show was the first time the six Brady kids had been together in one place in almost 15 years, although she acknowledged that members of the cast have "seen each other in different groupings over the years."

"The bottom line is that they didn't want to be on the same show and the appearance was canceled because of it. Some people blame Maureen and some people blame Eve," the source said.

While Plumb denies there was ever any rift, her Brady Bunch little sis, Susan Olsen, previously told Fox News there was indeed a family feud.

"I don't like there to be a rift in the family. I love them both and this means whenever we get together for any project there will only be one or the other," Olsen said. "But I do understand Eve's point of view. She got tired of Maureen gaining attention for herself by regurgitating the tiresome and false insinuations that they had a lesbian affair."

There have also been rumors that the Brady Bunch sisters' beef goes back to their days on the ABC sitcom and that they never liked each other.

Fifty years later, all seems to be well as the TV family comes back together to renovate their childhood home and make some new memories.

A Very Brady Renovation premieres Monday, September 9, on HGTV.