Trump Firebrand Candace Owens Just Married A British Lord

Anna Harnes

Conservative commentator and vocal Donald Trump supporter Candace Owens is officially off the market. The controversial politico was married on August 31 to the Honorable George Farmer, the son of a noted British peer. It was a whirlwind romance -- the two got engaged within less than three weeks of knowing each other. Candace confessed was "pretty crazy" on her eponymous talk show, as seen on YouTube.

In honor of her wedding, Candace interviewed her now-husband, getting him to answer questions about their relationship. The first question asked was how the couple first met.

George confessed that he first met Candace when she came to the United Kingdom to launch the British wing of Turning Point USA, a self-described "youth organization that promotes the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government."

Farmer said that he felt a connection when he heard her speak and was anxious to talk to her the following night at a dinner hosted for the right-wing commentator. However, due to a communication mixup, Candace was a full three hours late. Nonetheless, the two forged a relationship.

The pair became engaged within two and a half weeks, which Candace claimed was "so not my character." However, the engagement was informal, and George did not properly propose with a ring until later that Valentine's Day, while the two were at a restaurant.

"The big disagreement, as you know, that we've had in our relationship," began George, looking at Candace.

"Oh, we're doing this?" Candace interrupted.

"We can go there, if you want," George returned, ready to reveal their source of strife.

"The big disagreement that we've had is whether gorillas have eternal souls."

George also gave his father's marriage advice when prompted by a user who asked who often said "sorry" first. The Oxford graduate said that his father told him to never argue on a Friday night since that is when everyone is tired and short-fused from the week. The second piece of advice was to always say "sorry" within an hour of a fight.