Bethenny Frankel Heads To The Bahamas To Aid In Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Bethenny Frankel might be leaving her Bravo series, The Real Housewives of New York, but she still has a full plate, immersing herself in her humanitarian work and heading to the Bahamas to help with the Hurricane Dorian relief work.

And while Frankel was already busy with her team, working to aid in the Amazon, she changed course to put her money, body, and soul where her mouth is. She is heading to the Bahamas and encouraging her fans to help on Twitter using the tags #bstrong, #globalempowermentmission, and #thisisacrisis to draw attention to the hurricane damage in the Bahamas.

Frankel is using her warehouse in the Bahamas to gather donations to head to the chain of islands. She shared that the Bahamian General Consulate has granted her organization permission to collect goods and donations to help in the relief effort.

She announced on Twitter that she was ready to roll.

“OK so our flights are now approved to take off. The Bahamian government is being accommodating & working with us. The good news is we are launching missions 9 days earlier than in PR #bstrong.”

The former Real Housewives star shared that she was gathering large equipment to help the cause. She posted to say she was loading generators, chainssaws, and medical equipment onto the seaplanes and their efforts have been cleared to move in.

Frankel encouraged her followers on Instagram to do what they can to help those displaced and suffering in the Bahamas, especially on effected Grand Bahama.

“Gearing up for our first #BStrong missions to provide aide in response to #HurricaneDorian. We will be providing crucial supplies, immediate medical support, and helping to evacuate those who weren’t able to leave their homes before the storm.”

She continued on her post and her Instagram story to tell everyone that people’s lives are at risk, and this is not a case of the Skinnygirl who cried wolf. Frankel shared that the warehouse is filling up thanks to the generosity of those who were able to send in $10 and $20 donations.

The Bravo star announced that tomorrow, her organization will be sending 2,000 pounds of relief to Sandy Point in South Abacos, Florida. Frankel shared that she has her boots on the ground, and that 100 percent of donations are going to help those in need due to the storm damage, saying that she is personally paying the salaries of those who work for her.

On her website,, she shared the ways in which her followers and fans can help, including by volunteering, donating any amount of money and offering the use of boats, Jet Skis, and other transportation modes.