'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sparks Fly As Kim & Franco Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

The next couple of weeks on General Hospital may prove to be quite destructive for one highly popular couple. Liz and Franco were just getting settled into married life when the unthinkable happened. Franco has no memories of his life with his wife, but he sure does with Drew's ex, Kim Nero. Now the two worlds are about to collide in one terrible decision that Kim may be making soon.

This week on General Hospital, Kim and Franco, who is now known as "Frew" ever since he got Drew's memories implanted into his brain, will continue their walk down memory lane. This will take Kim to a place where she may not be able to get back from. The new ABC preview clip for Tuesday reveals that things get tense between the former lovers as "Frew" tells Kim that she made him rethink his life while he was in Afghanistan 15 years ago. While they are reliving their past, Liz and Julian are at GH mulling over their own futures with the ones they are in love with.

Liz will let Julian in on her talk with Kim. She will also tell him that she thinks Kim still has feelings for her ex and she is basically trying to sort them out. On Friday, Liz revealed to Scott that she wanted to lock Franco up at Ferncliff until Andre could be found to try to reverse Franco's memories. She knows that "Frew" is trying to win Kim back, and with Kim's feelings being brought back to life, Liz knows that she needs to act quickly before anything happens between them.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Kim will likely be taking that walk down memory lane a little too far soon. The week of September 2 will see the two kissing at Oscar's Meadow. Unfortunately, Cameron is expected to be walking by just in time to see their lip-lock. According to the print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Cameron will come close to confront his stepdad, but someone will stop him. It doesn't say who it is, but it sounds like this person will give him some advice.

The kiss may be just the beginning for Kim and Franco. Soaps SheKnows teases that Kim just can't help herself on September 10, and the following day she will be gutted by something. That seemingly suggests that something is about to happen that she can't take back and she will be regretting her actions.

If she and "Frew" give into temptation, Liz and Julian will be left with the aftermath as well. There is also the possibility that Kim could get pregnant. After all, she did beg the real Drew and Julian for a baby a few weeks ago. Will she get her wish in the most unexpected way?

General Hospital will be airing a rerun on Monday, but new episodes will return on Tuesday.