August 31, 2019
The Unexpected Trend Of New York Fashion Week Is Cheetos

New York Fashion Week is an iconic event that takes place twice a year, during February and September. This year, New York Fashion Week will have a surprising highlight, a runway show presented by none other than the snack brand Cheetos. The runway show is the very first of its kind and will be called the Cheetos House of Flamin' Haute and will take place on September 5.

The event will feature orange, Cheetos-inspired jewelry, clothing, makeup and even nail art. Most of the looks that will be on display will have been created by fans on social media, who shared photos of their own ensembles and fashion creations. The looks will then be put together by professionals for the show, according to Today.

Ami Goodheart herself will be contributing to this bizarre, but unarguably intriguing runway show. Goodheart is a famous fashion designer who has put together ensembles for big name celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ciara. Goodheart is going to put together a very special, one-of-a-kind ensemble just for this event. The piece will be a focal point of the show.

While an invitation is necessary to attend the actual show, fans can still enjoy a free style bar on September 6 and September 7 that is open to the public. Attendees can take home a variety of funky accessories inspired by the crunchy, cheesy snack. This includes Cheetos hair bands and even orange makeup products. Those that really love the snack can even have their eye makeup done with bold orange eye shadow and eyeliner.

Brandi Ray is the senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay North America. She recently released a press release about the highly anticipated event.

"We are continually in awe of how Cheetos fans share their love for the brand and express it in their own way, whether that's creating original recipes with Cheetos or donning Cheetos-inspired hair, nail or makeup looks. We are so excited to continue to celebrate our fans and their creativity, and in turn, invite them to get the ultimate Cheetos Flamin' Haute look."
Reactions have been mixed about this strange, unexpected inspiration that is making its debut during New York Fashion Week. Some social media users are excited to see how this event plays out, while others think this whole thing is too much of a stretch.

"Y'all made Flamin Hot Cheetos a personality trait, fashion line, and makeup brand and I'll never forgive any of you for it," one person remarked on Twitter.