Tomi Lahren Accused Of Having Her Patriotic Clothing Line 'Freedom' Made In China

Per The Inquisitr, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren recently took to Instagram to announce her patriotic clothing line of athleisure wear called "Freedom," which was created with activewear brand Alexo Athletica. According to Forbes, this particular type of clothing focuses on "form-fitting, athletic-inspired" items, although its design reportedly has no technical function.

Newsweek reports that ⁠Lahren is under fire after accusations that the patriotic clothing line is made in China. Although Lahren has yet to address the situation, freelance writer Robyn Pennacchia tweeted a conversation between a vendor selling an Alexo Athletica piece online and a potential buyer. The vendor said that the piece in question was 95 percent polyester, 5 percent spandex, and was made in China.

"I am shocked, shocked to find out that Tomi Lahren's Athleisure line for women who don't hate America is... Made In China," Pennachhia wrote.

In the past, Lahren called on companies to take their production to America instead of China, urging Americans to follow the path laid out by President Donald Trump.

"As it stands, products used for government projects can carry the 'Made in America' logo with parts made of 50 percent foreign components but not under this president," she said. "Trump signed an executive order raising the percentage of American components to 75 percent. That's right baby, made in the U.S.A."

Per The Inquisitr, Lahren recently called out conservative commentator and comedian Steven Crowder and libertarian commentator Dave Rubin for continuing to avoid a debate with progressive commentator Sam Seder. The callout was in the form of a Cameo clip, which was paid for via the personalized shout-out app, and was played on Seder's political talk radio program and podcast The Majority Report —which is available on YouTube.

"So I wanted to say to Dave, Steven, and others, stop being cowards and debate Sam already! My goodness, get to it," Lahren said.

Lahren is known for her outspoken views on immigration, gun rights, and abortion. According to Marie Claire, the 24-year-old was eventually fired from her nightly show, Tomi, on The Blaze, for her pro-choice beliefs.

Per The Washington Post, Lahren used an appearance on The View to discuss her views on abortion rights and how she believes supporting government control over women's bodies would be hypocritical of her given her beliefs in limited government.

"You know what? I'm for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well," Lahren said.