‘Big Brother 21’ Week 9 Spoilers: HOH And Prankster Each Put A Nominee On The Block

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Season 21
Robert Voets / CBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother Season 21.

Week 9 is already full of twists and turns in the Big Brother house. It’s officially Prank Week, where production and the houseguests are playing pranks, with all the roommates on the receiving end. For the last couple of days, Jessica Milagros, Cliff Hogg, and Nicole Anthony have been making pies and smashing them in the faces of their fellow houseguests, while America was voting to give another player a major advantage in the game.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Nick Maccarone was dubbed America’s Prankster. This secret identity allowed Nick to put his own nominee on the block next to the current Head of Household (HOH) Holly Allen. Each houseguest nominated one player, meaning Holly is sharing her responsibility for the week. According to @BB_Updates Twitter account, Holly nominated Nick for eviction, while Nick (secretly) nominated Christie Murphy.

It appears as if Holly was told she was only allowed to nominate one houseguest, with the prankster nominating the second. Nick nominating Christie comes as no surprise as the duo had a massive blowout this past week during their Taco Tuesday extravaganza. Nick was the only vote to evict Christie on Thursday night’s live eviction, and the two are each other’s number one target moving forward.

Nick also has the power as the prankster to select who goes up as the replacement nominee should someone come down after the Power of Veto (POV) ceremony. The POV ceremony will be quite interesting, and it will all depend on who walks away with the Week 9 POV. If a houseguest not in power or not currently on the block (Cliff, Nicole, Jess, or Tommy) wins the POV, they will be safe from being replaced, meaning only one of three players could go up as the replacement.


Nick’s prankster identity should remain a secret, as there are enough players to keep a buffer from figuring it out. At this time, Nick has not revealed his identity to any of his fellow houseguests and it’s entirely up to him if he chooses to do so. Since he has kept the prankster twist a secret, he has not engaged in any conversations that would reveal who he would put up as a replacement nominee at this time.

The POV competition will play out later today, with the ceremony taking place on Monday.

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