Dog The Bounty Hunter's Colorado Store Robbed & Beth Chapman's Personal Items Taken In Heartbreaking Heist

It's already been a tough few weeks for Dog The Bounty Hunter, aka Duane "Dog" Chapman, with the loss of his beloved wife, Beth Chapman, and a recent robbery has made matters even worse.

According to TMZ, the reality star's store in Colorado was robbed last night. Sources tell the outlet that the store, which is located in Edgewater, Colorado, was robbed of a number of items after a burglar broke the glass in the store's front window to gain entry. While there was a lot of Dog the Bounty Hunter merchandise that was stolen from the store, the thieves also took off with some of the late Beth Chapman's personal belongings, including her own personal hunting gear and "priceless family mementos."

In true Duane fashion, the reality star has already taken to his Twitter account to make a statement, vowing to track down those who are responsible for committing the crime.

"The Bible says it is an unforgivable sin to steal from the dead LARGE CASH REWARD FOR ANY INFORMATION FIR WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!"
Along with his post, he re-tweeted an article from The Blast, which originally reported the crime. Since the post was shared for his 600,000-plus followers, Dog has received a lot of reactions to it, with over 4,000 likes, 1,000-plus retweets, and 800 plus comments. Most fans took to the post to let Duane know that they are thinking of him during this tough time, while countless others seemed just as angry as Chapman for what had transpired.
"If anyone knows who did this, please encourage them to return Beth's personnel [sic] items, even annomously [sic], have a heart, she was a mother, a sister, a wife, please just return them," one Twitter user pleaded.

"This is so sick I'm sorry your [sic] going through this through a already horribly hard time my prayers are with you and your family," another fan chimed in.

"I'm so sorry that there are such evil people in the world! Loved you and Beth and all the kids! Hope she sends down a bolt of lighting to shoot these loosers [sic] with! She's a bad*ss and I know she can do it! Love to you all," one more chimed in.

It's been an emotional time for Dog and his family following the tragic loss of family matriarch Beth Chapman. As fans know, Beth lost her long battle with throat cancer earlier this summer. Previously, The Inquisitr shared that Dog broke down in an emotional interview with Entertainment Tonight. In the sit-down, the reality star revealed that though it's a really tough time in his life, he is trying to "man up" because there are a lot of people who depend on him. Chapman also noted that he doesn't really know how he's doing because he's never experienced a loss like this before.

Before Beth's death, Dog explained that she tried to prepare him for it as it was something that they unfortunately knew would happen for quite some time, but it's still been a tough time for the entire family.