'Big Brother' 21: First Four Have-Nots Of The Season Revealed

Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for Big Brother Season 21.

For weeks now, fans of Big Brother have been wondering when have-nots would be introduced into the season. Being a have-not is a long-running Big Brother tradition where selected houseguests have to survive on nothing but slop for food, while also sleeping in very uncomfortable conditions.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans were shocked to see that there were no have-nots going into Week 4 of the competition, but that's not the case anymore.

According to Monsters & Critics, Jackson Michie, Tommy Bracco, Christie Murphy, and Kathryn Dunn are the first four have-nots of the season. The publication did not reveal how the have-nots were chosen, but live feed viewers have been suggesting on Twitter that they volunteered. Normally, the Head of Household for the week assigns the have-nots, but traditionally, they will ask if any houseguests volunteer before they make their choices.

Jackson, Tommy, Christie, and Kathryn will spend tonight in the have-not room, which many are suspecting to be the same room that the Camp Comeback members were occupying for the last several weeks. The room contained crummy beds with springs popping out of the mattresses, and the houseguests will also be subject to cold showers for the week.

Many Big Brother fans on Twitter are elated to see Jackson as a have-not since he has been one of the season's biggest consumers of food. The pantry was restocked for the houseguests on Friday afternoon, and Jack Matthews noted on the live feeds that it looked like the biggest food drop off they had received all season.

"Bahahahaha. Now that Jackson is a have not, production put MORE food than usual in the pantry [laughing emoji] Production trolling level:100," one fan tweeted.

Jackson has been spotted hiding food in the house, and if he is discovered to eat anything other than slop this week, he will likely be given some kind of punishment by production.

The Week 4 Head of Household has been crowned and is currently in the diary room giving their nominations to production. The nomination ceremony is expected to be underway shortly. Thursday night saw the eviction and re-entry of Cliff Hogg after he was sent packing, but absolutely dominated the Camp Comeback battle to re-enter the house. Cliff beat out Kemi Faknule, Ovi Kabir, and David Alexander after the eviction ceremony to officially re-enter the game that he was only missing from for a few minutes.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.