July 7, 2019
'General Hospital' Actress Sydney Mikayla Lands Contract, Trina Is Not Going Anywhere

Sydney Mikayla, who stars as Trina Robinson on General Hospital, is not going anywhere. She has been put on contract, which means she will be sticking around Port Charles for a while. She had taken over the role of Joss and Cameron's friend back in February, and she has been a breath of fresh air since then. Tiana Le had previously been in that role.

According to Soap Opera News, Robinson is now on contract as she continues on as a big part of the teen scene -- she has been in many scenes recently with Josslyn and Cameron. She will be heading to the wedding reception of Franco and Elizabeth Baldwin on the Haunted Star this week. Cam asked Joss to go, but she turned him down stating that she just wasn't ready for a big social event like that. However, the sneak peek reveals that Josslyn will indeed show up.

Trina told Cameron that she would go with him as his date. She will be showing up on Cam's arm wearing a pretty white dress. Those two get along pretty well as friends, but Cam's heart seems to belong to Joss. Will his feelings somehow shift to someone else, such as Trina?

It may be a surprise when Josslyn ends up going to the reception after all. Maybe Jax talks her into it or she will do it just to prove Dev wrong. Whatever the reason is, she looks smashing in a bright red dress. Will she get a bit jealous when she discovers that Cam already has a date?

General Hospital fans have been hoping for a summer romance between Josslyn and Cameron, but now Dev has entered the picture. He and Joss have been bickering most of the time, but that is usually how a romance heats up on soaps.

Trina Robinson first came on the scene in 2017. She started out as more of a bad girl who was said to have been brought on to bring a little drama into Josslyn's life as a teen. Instead, it appears that this was the soap's way of introducing Joss to Oscar Nero at a party that Trina cooked up at Josslyn's house. Trina was not in the forefront at all for a while but came back on the scene when Oscar's health took a turn for the worse.

That's when young actress Sydney Mikayla showed up as Trina, as she was there to support Joss and Oscar, as well as Cameron. The four teens took a trip to Niagara Falls as part of Oscar's bucket list. Now she will be a major part of General Hospital, and fans have also noted that she has been added to the opening credits as well.

Stay tuned in this week to see Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina getting all dolled up for the Friz wedding reception.