Kansas City Man Frank Serano Threw A Party For A Pothole In Protest

Andrea Macdonald

Frank Serano lit a candle, stuck it in a slice of cake, placed it in a Kansas City, Missouri, pothole and had a party. The frustrated citizen has complained to the city over a hundred times about the potholes in his neighborhood, Waldo. The newest fracture had been neglected for three months.

"Fellow Waldo neighbors, please help me celebrate the 3rd (month) birthday of this pothole I reported back in March yet is still not repaired," Sereno wrote in a Facebook post.

Serano, an avid motorcyclist, said he's driven past gaping pits in the asphalt that could cause damage to any motor vehicle or cause bodily harm from a fall if he hit them.

"I thought, 'What I can I do to have a little fun,'" Sereno told Tribune Media via Fox 17. "Everyone is always complaining about the potholes, but complaining doesn't seem to be getting anything done. So I said, I want to keep it top of mind. I know my fellow Waldo neighbors are just as disgusted as I am so I said, let's just celebrate it's birthday. It's third birthday."

His stunt got the neighbors talking and gained enough attention that local news stations reported the story. Two days after his tongue-in-cheek protest the 2-feet-wide, 3-inch-deep pothole was filled. Serano plans to throw another party in celebration of the newly patched parcel of land.

City spokesperson Maggie Green told KCUR News in a written statement that it depends on "whether the City had sufficient opportunity to repair the area prior to the incident. The City tries to repair potholes as quickly as possible."

Hundreds of cases of reported potholes in 2019 remain open, according to the Kansas City public works database.