June 19, 2019
Pakistani Politician Accidentally Uses Cat Filter For Press Conference

A Pakistani politician, Minister of Health and Information, Shoukat Yousufzai, participated in a livestreamed press conference on Facebook using the cat filter over his face for several minutes without noticing.

BBC reports that Yousufzai had pink and black cat ears, a kitty nose, and whiskers over his face while he talked about matters of state. Yousufzai's party later released an apology after discovering that the politician's face was somewhat obscured by the cat filter.

"Yesterday, whilst covering a press briefing held by KP's Information Minister Shoukat Yousf Zai, a 'cat filter' was witnessed by the viewers which was removed within few minutes."
The use of the cat filter on the camera was said to be "human error" as someone didn't realize that the specialty filter was still in place when the press conference started. While press conferences from the Ministry of Health tend to be dry, only attracting the attention of those within the country's government, Yousufzai's livestreaming conference, complete with "digital cat ears, whiskers and rosy cheeks," says The Verge.

Viewers tried to alert the technical team in the comments to let them know that the funny filter was on, but the livestream continued for several minutes with Yousafzai and two other Pakistani officials in cat gear.

After the video ended, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party deleted the video after the conference wrapped, but several news sources had recorded it.

But the comments which followed the official apology showed that many people didn't mind the upbeat filtering, saying that the cat filter helped "spread smiles" and gave a hopeful spin to the heavy topic of the global political climate.

But New York Magazine thinks that next time, they should try the puppy filter, which they call the "reigning king of all filters," which they believe makes everyone look their best.

Filters on Snapchat rotate, and there was nearly a revolt when the puppy mask left the rotation briefly with people posting on Twitter to ask what was going on.

Another said that they were literally going to take to the streets if they didn't get their favorite filter back.
"The puppy filter on Snapchat is gone i'm gonna riot."
To prove that the puppy filter looks good in any situation, a Twitter user put the nose and ears on a grainy Barack Obama press conference to show others how to use the filter with ease.