'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam's Plan Could Put Someone Else In Danger

Kim Brandow

Sam has a plan, but it may just backfire on next week's General Hospital. She is determined to go through with Shiloh's initiation in order to get the goods on him. She and Jason have teamed up with Spinelli since he has the technical experience to finish the takedown of Shiloh and his cult.

This past week had Sam asking Spinelli for a huge favor, She wants him to record a surveillance video in the Dawn of Day attic where all of the girls' initiations take place. She has been leading Shiloh along for weeks and is now ready to end his little game. The week of May 20 will reveal whether Sam's plan will work or not. According to General Hospital spoilers, it sounds like something goes horribly wrong. SheKnows Soaps has indicated that someone close to Jason and Sam, whom they care deeply about, could end up getting hurt.

Since their good friend Spinelli is in on the plan now, it's likely that somehow he may get hurt in the process of filming the initiation. Something could go wrong with it. Spoilers tease that Jason will get a frantic call from someone on Monday. Will it be Spin, Sam, or someone else entirely? The previews that were shown on Friday reveals that Jason will be with Spin helping him to get the surveillance in place. However, if he gets called away, Spinelli will be left on his own.

Sam has brought Shiloh to the General Hospital Nurses Ball, so he will be distracted by the festivities for a bit while Jason and Spinelli work on getting the device in place. By Friday, Sam is rendered helpless. Before that, Kristina is expected to have it out with Sam over her involvement with Shiloh.

It definitely sounds like something will go wrong and someone will be put in danger. Jason always saves Sam, but viewers are really hoping that he gets to her before Shiloh finishes the entire initiation.

Keep watching General Hospital the rest of May to see Sam's plan in action.