New Frogmore Cottage Security Plans Are Underway After Concerns Are Raised

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Since the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Scotland Yard and the royal family are taking a closer look at the security around Windsor Castle and Frogmore Cottage, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now living with their new baby.

Express says that an overhaul is already underway to make sure the young family is safe, as the grounds of Windsor Castle are open to the public. In an effort to add to the security of Frogmore Cottage, a team of security experts expressed concern that from the tree-lined driveway known as the Long Walk, the house is visible across from Windsor Great Park.

The walk is open to the public, and so a new planting program is already underway to fully cover the holes to shield the home entirely from public view, cameras, and the press. While details of the planting are not being made public, it is being reported that it will be extensive and started immediately.

The most recent images show a corner of the house and the chimney stacks, as well as three windows that are still on display. The cottage has ten bedrooms, and for now, it is reported that the curtains on that side of the home will stay drawn.

The home, which was a gift from Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, was renovated at a cost of approximately £3 million, includes a yoga studio, gym, luxury nursery and a room for Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.

Now that baby Archie has arrived, there are said to be other plans in addition to the plantings afoot, but they are not being disclosed to the public. A friend of Prince Harry says that declining a title for the baby is part of the Duke of Sussex’s efforts to keep the little one safe.

“As Archie is not an HRH, Harry feels he has every right to strictly police his son’s privacy.”

The baby’s birth certificate will not be made public, and the birth will be “registered in the usual way.” It is common practice for most royal children to have their birth certificates made public, including Prince William’s three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

According to a previous article by The Inquisitr, new signage has been posted around Windsor Castle, Frogmore Cottage, and Frogmore House warning the public against the flying or use of drones on the property in bold letters.

“Police flight safety notice: Drones prohibited in this area.”