‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Kristina Engages With Shiloh As Sonny Worries

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the episode airing on Friday, May 10, will focus primarily on two main storylines. Viewers will see more of everybody’s determination to find Ryan, but there is Day of Dawn drama on the way as well.

Kristina chose to walk away from Shiloh and DOD after hearing Willow open up about her experiences. However, her loved ones worry that it will be hard for her to stay away. Alexis worried when she learned that Krissy planned to head out and away from the house already, and previews tease that what Krissy is planning to do would definitely rattle both of her parents.

Shiloh still has the pledge that Kristina made in order to become a member of “The Trust,” and Krissy is worried about the possibility that he will use it. As The Inquisitr shared previously, Krissy’s pledge claimed that her mother Alexis purposely ran over and killed her abusive ex-boyfriend Kiefer many years ago.

Now that Kristina is on better terms with Alexis, she’s quite concerned about Shiloh using that affidavit she signed. Alexis and Sonny both know about the pledge, but Krissy hasn’t told them what family secret she revealed. Viewers who watched carefully were able to see that it was about Kiefer when Shiloh was reading it some time ago.

The sneak peek for the May 10 show reveals that Kristina will flat-out ask Shiloh to return the pledge to her. Of course, it seems highly unlikely that Shiloh will hand it back over to her. In fact, it seems likely that Shiloh will try to manipulate Krissy and talk her into returning to DOD.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Sonny will be bracing himself during Friday’s show. He is expecting the worst to happen, and it looks as if he’ll be talking to Neil the therapist in relation to this.

Neil will urge Sonny to trust “her” and let her go, surely referencing Kristina. It sounds as if the worst that Sonny is bracing himself for may be that he is worried that Krissy will go back to DOD.

Viewers will have to wait and see how Krissy handles this interaction with Shiloh and any draw to return to Dawn of Day. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers tease that this storyline won’t be over for at least a bit yet. Sam proposed a plan to Jason regarding how she thinks she can take down Shiloh and teasers indicate that there is a lot more involving Sam, Shiloh, Kristina, and Jason over the next couple of weeks.

Can Sonny trust Kristina to resist getting involved in Dawn of Day again? What will happen when she asks Shiloh to return her pledge? General Hospital spoilers hint that things may get pretty crazy as this storyline winds its way toward a conclusion and fans will have some strong opinions over the developments said to be on the way.