Tamar Braxton Says She 'Doesn't Have Time' To Attend Her Niece's Funeral

Amy Feinstein

Tamar Braxton, one of the stars of the WE show, Braxton Family Values, has many of her fans questioning her own personal values when she announced that she wouldn't be attending her niece's funeral because she doesn't have the time.

PageSix reports that Tamar Braxton shared on social media that she wouldn't be attending the funeral of her 24-year-old niece, Lauren "LoLo" Braxton, who died as a result of a heart condition, because she's too busy and tired from touring.

She continued saying that she cannot bring herself to post about her loss, but she wanted to thank everyone for their condolences. Braxton said this is the first time she's lost a member of her family, and she didn't realize she would be expected to attend her funeral in their home state of Maryland.

"I don't want my sisters or my family to get upset with me, but the things that's been going on — this is the first time that anybody in my family has passed. Nobody tell you about going to the damn funeral. I don't have time going to the funeral."

One person commented that Braxton finds the time to post on social media all of the time, but she can't figure out how to act like an adult in her 40s.

"She ain't too drained to respond to every damn thing on social media. So self centered, it's terrible. Drama queen for real."

The other Braxton sisters including Trina posted tributes to Lauren who died suddenly in Maryland, according to TMZ. Trina Braxton's former husband died of cancer in December, and she says that the losses are reminding her that "life is too short."