Chick-Fil-A Breaks Sunday Rule & Delivers Food To A Boy With A Brain Tumor

As anyone who has ever craved their delicious chicken nuggets and sandwiches on a weekend knows too well, Chick-fil-A is not open for business on Sundays. This is a practice that founder S. Truett Cathy established back in 1946 because he believed it was important for his employees to have a day to rest and worship if they wanted to do so.

Per their website, this is a practice Chick-fil-A still upholds to this day. Over the years, however, the establishment has made a few exceptions. The restaurant made an exception on Easter Sunday this year for a 10-year-old boy in Texas who was currently suffering from a brain tumor.

Danny Agee of Temple, Texas, was scheduled for brain surgery on the Monday following Easter Sunday.

In a lengthy post shared on Facebook last weekend, his family revealed they were reminded that God is still watching over them. According to the post, young Danny became hungry after getting something to drink.

When Danny's doctor told him he could have whatever he wanted to eat, he revealed that what he really wanted was some Chick-fil-A. Unfortunately, his family had to remind the young boy that the restaurant was not open on Sundays.

Danny's nurse, however, was not happy with that answer and disappeared to put some unknown connections to work.

A video clip also attached to the post shows the young boy reacting as the Chick-fil-A mascot enters and embraces Danny while delivering him the food he asked for. The young boy was brought to emotional tears of joy over the gift. Despite being hooked to numerous machines and IVs, he mustered the energy to fist bump his favorite restaurant's friendly cow representative.
Several days later, the North 31st Street Chick-fil-A took to their social media with an amazing follow-up post. Young Danny was released from the hospital on Wednesday with no complications. The fast food chain was proud to report that the young boy's first stop after leaving his hospital bed was to see his friends over at his local Chick-fil-A.
"Counting our blessings today! Our friend Danny got released from Baylor Scott & White McLane Children's Medical Center and came straight to see us and have some lunch. Mr. Cow was so excited to see him feeling better and even dusted off his bow tie so he could match Danny's dapper style!"
The restaurant's post has been shared 125 times and has received dozens of comments, all in support of Danny. Many of those who commented offered prayers for both Danny and his family.